Thursday, March 4, 2010


Photographer and I have been waiting in anticipation for ages for the exciting underwater housing for his camera to arrive, and arrive it did:) We are both very excited about the experimentation process and the outcome of our underwater project. I have been milling over colour palettes and themes for a while and after much umming and aaahing I have finally decided on the sort of look and feel I want to use for our project.
I am very keen to see how different objects look when submerged, specifically feathers. They have the potential to be absolutely gorgeous and I am hoping they will add a soft, dreamy mood to our piccies, however they also could look limp and shit and like a drowned rat but I suppose that is why experimenting is so much fun:) I have also found some super shiny chrome balls about 70cm in diameter that we are going to hopefully sink and shoot. I am so excited to get going on this shoot here is my collection of inspiration, what do you think?

Benefit                                           Vogue Loves

I would love to hear any ideas you lovelies have on the subject please try out the little comment button, it has been very neglected of late and I would hate for it to get some kind of complex. I have recently made some changes to the whole commenting process so it is now very easy to post notes and remarks under each rant. Go on, click it.

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  1. i have been thinking, and i think your feathers underwater will resemble something along the lines of a gorgeous sea anemone....and you can't go wrong when you're revolving a shoot around essie colours - let's be honest! I can't wait to see the pictures, they'll be beautiful x