Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I love the idea of Giant letters Lounging up against my walls. Our Tv room wall has stood naked for an entire year because boyfriend and I cant decide what to do with it. He thinks his word cup picture deserves to live there But I have other plans...

Boyfriend has left me stranded in our flat for a whole month while he is off cavorting with all the Cape Epic lunatics in the windy mother city. While he is gone, I have decided that it is time to revamp our little House. This whole snowball vibe started when I left my window open and went off to work only to return and find my most treasured possession- a lamp given to me by my best friend on earth- smashed on my bedroom floor. So I started the search for a new beautiful lamp only to get completely wrapped up in gorgeous decor sites and an obsession with re-doing the entire flat! If I won the Super-ena lottery, I would import every piece of Blooming-ville and make their catalogue my home.

I love this rose cushion Im sure it would be DIY-able I am going to give it a try:)

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