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AH, NOMU,  you cheeky rats

Surely she smelt horrible? I am  baffled I mean I get that she is trying to be all wierd cutting edge (each to their own) and stuff but why on Earth would you want to smell funky too? sis


7 reasons African fashion brands should be nice to bloggers 
Fashion Brand Tashkaya have such a lovely blog filled with really interesting snippets for you to chew over. I like where she is going with this article, SA fashion labels need to start taking a little notice of the force behind local bloggers and showing us some support because we are only getting stronger:) What do you think?

In the fashion world bloggers are rising to prominance as a force to be reckoned with. For some reason African and South African fashion brands in particular still seem to treat them as second class citizens. We think this is a mistake, and here are a few reasons why we think so.

1. 40% of the press at New York Fashion Week are bloggers.

According to Reuters the presence of online media at fashion week has grown more than 20% over the last six months. This means that of the 3, 600 members of press present, nearly 40% are fashion bloggers.

2. Major fashion brands are inviting them to shows.

Designers like Carl Lagerfeld and John Galliano are inviting bloggers to their shows. In some cases they are even paying all costs to fly the bloggers to the show. If top end designers are doing this, don’t you think it’s time you start being nice to your local fashion blogger?

3. In the USA fashion bloggers are becoming very popular.

Blogs like Style Bubble are getting up to 25 000 hits a day. While some bloggers have tens of thousands of twitter followers. If this isn’t enough to make you sit up and notice then I don’t know what is.

4. Bloggers are now judges for CFDA

For the first time ever bloggers have been invited to be judges for the Council of Fashion Designers of America. This is a landmark event for the fashion blogging industry. It is an indicator of the power and influence that is moving into the hands of fashion bloggers.

5. Traditional fashion editors are loosing control

Just like the film and music industry is struggling to come to grips with the fact that the internet has made them largely irrelivant; the fashion editorial industry is loosing much of it’s power. In the good (or bad depending on your point of view) old days fashion editors could control what and who the public sees. With the advent of the internet and growth of fashion blogs this power is now gone.

6. Enthusiasm = Influence

Everybody knows that the thing that sells clothes is enthusiasm and passion; not knowledge. The average person out there doesn’t care about technical details and high-brow descriptions of the “silhouette” and “architectural lines” of a garment. On the other hand, having somebody who clearly loves clothes recommend an item they love carries much more weight. Bloggers mostly do this because they love clothes and fashion, yes some of them make money from their blogs, but they only make money because they are passionate about what they do.

7. The rest of the world lags behind the USA

This might be the most important reason to start building relationships with local bloggers. The developing world runs 3-4 years behind the states when it comes to the adoption of internet trends. This means that before long all the major local brands will be beating a path to the door of your favorite blogger. Shouldn’t you be there first?
We have created a page to list the top South African bloggers. We hope this will become a place to showcase the talents of the top bloggers in this country. Have a look and support their blogs.
Do you agree that fashion blogging has the power to shape the fashion landscape?


I am addicted to nail varnish, not the mature deep plum type that professional ladies wear in the movies, I like the jade greens and 'jungle reds' of the world. Its so weird how coloured fingernails can make or break your whole day- Mint Candy apple is certainly making mine:) I bought this little bottle of glorious the other day and decided to give it a test drive today-what colour are you wearing?

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So the engaged one is going to become a housewife on the 12 of Feb 2011- eeek, I'm so excited for the Wedding you would swear It was me walking down the isle (a girl can dream:) As the grand day scuttles foreword I have been thinking about wedding gifts.
I know that people give a registery for a reason but seriously how often do you find something as gorgeous as this in amongst the glass kettles and penguin shaped waffle makers (you laugh I actually bought one of these for a friend once). What are the rules about these things? Once a registery has been stated is that it, are you doomed to gift your sister with a chopping board made of wine barrels?? 
I have decided to throw caution to the wind and over step the mark here. I am going to gift outside of the lines. Don't you think these cut outs by Sarah and Bendrix would make such a beautiful gift. There are so many weddings in a year and I so often hear mates bleating about being broke from wedding season. Have a close look at these little gems because with a little imagination, cardboard and a blade you can make something really awesome and because it is hand made it will feel like a very special gift.
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Being a blogger without a camera is a little like being alone in the middle of the Arizona dessert with no water and a thorn in your foot. It sucks. Im not sure if you remember but a while ago I murdered my camera:( I sent it to the camera clinic where all kinds of promises were made and then taken back which left me sad/heartbroken/ fuming, you choose. Either way I have felt like a lost person stumbling through the dessert lately. Not a good way to feel, but thanks to the engaged one who is out frolicking around New York (can you not just sob with jealousy) I will have a beautiful Canon in my paws by the time the month rolls over. I am so excited it is ridiculous I also have absolutely no idea about anything SLR related to we are going to learn together. So get your photography pants ironed kids we are going on an adventure- soon. I have also been very very slack on the blogging side of things but today chickie boo's this will all change.

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Today I would like to bestow the right to prance around like a proud pony to both Joan Dart and the Photographer. Why? Well it's simple, they entered the bloody marvelous competitions on Durban Central and have both emerged victorious:) Joan, with not one but two gorgeous pairs of Froggie Shoes! Congratulations Joan:) and the photographer with some sexy beer! and thank you to Froggie and Brewers Union for their fab prizes:)

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HI my lovelies, today is the very last day for you to enter the DurbanCentral Competitions. Tomorrow I will announce the victors in a glorious ceremony that will take place over at So stop playing with your spreadsheet and enter here if you are a girl and here is you are a boy:) And avoid being sad. pics via fashiongonerogue.


This am I was doing my daily fb stalk- you know you are reaching old age when you are more interested in fb stalking pictures of milo ice cream than you are in the guy you only friended because he is a hottie's holiday piccies (don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about)-and I came across this ridiculously good looking recipe that I had to share. Yuppie Chef are so one step ahead it is frightening, it's like they knew I was in emotional distress and would need something to pick me up after the tidal wave of age washes over me tomorrow. The only bummer is that they use an ice cream maker which lets be honest, how many of you have an ice cream maker? yea... thought so. But don't sob just yet there is a way around this. Follow the recipe up to step 6. Then chuck your mixture in the freezer over night. Once it has frozen, take it out and use a hand beater to beat it until it is soft serve consistency and put it back into the freezer and let it re-freeze. Repeat this process 4 times. The reason we do this is to beat out all the ice chrystals eventually making the ice cream smooth. This way around does take a while longer and is a bit of a mish but it is well worth it. Now we wait for a recipe for tim tam ice cream oooh or tim tam mc flurry- Im going to go and email Mc D's bye.

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I always look foreword to the @home Catalogues. They are always so prettily styled and easy to get lost in...

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I am completely and utterly obsessed with wombats. Some people like sausage dogs some like stamps but seriously have you ever seen anything more hysterical in your whole life? If you are having a shit day google Wombat, I bet you are laughing right now ahhh...

sleeping wombats
Smiling wombats

Chilling wombats
Everyone loves a wombat... even the Hof
If you are still not convinced go see what you tube has to offer in the wombat category, it is too much.



Love this thought sent in by the lovely Nikki:)


I am so excited, yesterday I began day one of the Decor8 blogging your way e-course. It is a 6 week blogging extravaganza run by Holly Becker herself and let me tell you it is going to be fabulous. I decided to give myself a blog make over for my 25th instead of a red ferrari or a drastic hair cut, or a drastic red colour job although this girl does make going red seem like a very good idea:)

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oh my word im having a full blown quarter life its not funny at all. I have spent a week on the kitchen counter eating out of the cereal box crying for no reason researching everything from botox to retirement villages, I am gutted. The thing that kills me the most is that by the time I realised I was planning a 25th and not a 21st like I have been having for the last 4 years it was too late to do anything about it. Shit.


How saucy is Woolies new Lingerie range?

I absolutely love it, its going to be such a bummer trying it on in those change rooms with the crazy lights. Maybe we should ask Woolies to make a special change room for underwear that is dark and the only light is candle light that way we can all look minx-ish like 'ol Tanit here.

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I would hate for my man readers to feel that they have been left out in the competition department. Please make sure you thank Brewers Union because they have donated a 4 pack of sexy beer to one of you lovely and possible strapping young lads. So stop feeling sorry for yourself that you wont be making the beer festival, get some mates round and have one of your own.To enter all you need to do is comment below and tell me why you need this beer. The winner will be announced in 2 weeks so get commenting ya'll.



Good morning my lovelies I just wanted to wish you happy spring:) It can only get better from here. YAY