Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I would hate for my man readers to feel that they have been left out in the competition department. Please make sure you thank Brewers Union because they have donated a 4 pack of sexy beer to one of you lovely and possible strapping young lads. So stop feeling sorry for yourself that you wont be making the beer festival, get some mates round and have one of your own.To enter all you need to do is comment below and tell me why you need this beer. The winner will be announced in 2 weeks so get commenting ya'll.


  1. I NEED this beer because its the ultimate way to my mans heart and soul, literally. And not just ANY that is of a class that i wish i had :p Help me to have something in common with this gorgeous beer, inside and out for it truly IS so gorgeous, inside AND out. I want to be like you, you sexy beer you! Maybe then my man will lust after me the way he does after this beer <3

  2. I need this beer
    Second only to the fermented tears of an angel,Im inspired to work harder simply to afford the privilege of consuming the finest frothy brew mankind can muster. In support of this Im going to the &Union bar on Bree street after work today to blow my pay on R40 beer and prego rolls. God bless this brew!

  3. i need this beer because i am far too sober right now! and it looks delicious.

  4. OK .. here goes .... "Steph", as in Graff, the most demure but lethal number that ever stalked the courts; "Weiss", as in short for Johnny Weissmuller, the original Tarzan man .... electric, acid yellow label with a champagne style opening, all glistening with icy condensation, demanding immediate and focussed attention. Does it sound like I need this 4xpack??? You got it in one !!!

  5. BeeeeeeEEeeeeeEEeeeeerrrrr!!!!! beerbeerrbbeeeebbrrrbbeerbeerstephbeebeerbeerbeerweissbeerberbbereerbeerbeestephrereeerbeerbeerebweisbreeebrrrebebstephweissbrrbeebreebreerstephweissbeerbeebrrebbstyephweissstephweissreebrbeebrebeerbeerbeerstyephbeerbeerbeestephbreebrbeerbeeweissstephbrrbeeebrstephrbeeebreebweissreeebeeersssstephweisssssbeeerbeeebrebeerstephbeeebrebeebrerbeeebreeerbeeerbreeerbeeebrebeerbeerbeeerbeeebreebrweissssssteephhreeebreeebeerstephweissbeerstephbeebreebreerstephbeebreebrreebeerebeebreebbeerbeeerbeeerbeerssssstephweeeiiisssssbeeeeeeeeerbeeeeeersstephweeeissbeeeerbeeebeeebrstephweisbebeebreeerbeerbeeebreeebreebrrebebrrebebrbeeerbeeebreeebreeebreebstephweiss.............

    yes, i am obsessed -!!!


    please may i have some beer?

  6. I feel lost without it. This beer completes me. Don't you want me to be complete?

  7. i don't need this beer.
    i really want it.
    and that should be reason enough to give it to me!

    plus, it's my 4 years soon and i want to give my man something cool.

  8. I need this beer because it practically has my name on it.