Sunday, December 20, 2009

Point Road Shoot

Hi hi, here are some pics from a shoot Jono Nienaber and I did in the dead buildings on the point road death row. A big thanks you to Leigh Schubert for letting us use her gorgeous clothes and to the weather man for giving us a break in the Torrential rain. Enjoy x

Photography: Jono Nienaber Pure studios 
Styling: Lexi Bechet
Clothing: Leigh Schubert 
Make up: Lindsay 

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Please may I have this diamond encrusted, white gold, 
I would give anything in the world to have this, Garrard ring for christmas. 
I promise to be good for the rest of my life,
thanks a mil



"Our litchi trees are the star of the show here. 
Most of our trees are over 80 years old, and 
still bear some of the sweetest, juiciest 
litchis around."

For me there are few things as delicious as a ripe litchi picked straight from the tree so when I found out about the fresh produce market happening at Eb's litchi orchard in Ballito I was pretty much hysterical with excitement. Doug and I jumped in the car this morning and took a lovely drive down the coast to see what was potting and were wonderfully surprised. 

Eb has built an awesome wooden structure in amongst the litchi trees- which are dripping with fat little litchis ready for the picking- which houses the many yummy delights ranging from cupcakes (that look like they have just come off the set of the Marie Antoinette movie) to delicious indian food, gorgeous vegetables, macadamia nuts (also grown on the farm) pesto's and pastes and many more scrumptious nibbles. 

So, If you find yourself waking up on a saturday with an adventure in mind I suggest you cruise down to Ballito and grab yourself a box of the most delicious litchi's in the whole universe and a cupcake (if you have the space after eating a whole box of litchis) and sit yourself in the shade of a litchi tree and bask in the glory that is summertime in durban.
For more info visit the litchi orchard website