Monday, August 10, 2009



250 g plain chocolate biscuits crushed
60 g butter, melted
4 eggs separated
3/4 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup hazelnut flour (ground hazelnuts)
2 tablespoons plain flour


125 g butter
1/2 cup caster sugar
200 g dark chocolate
1 tablespoon cocoa powder


X  Grease and line a 20 x 30 cm lamington pan
X  Combine 2/3 of the  crushed biscuits and butter and press into the lamington pan. Refrigerate
X  Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form, gradually add the sugar, beating until it is dissolved between additions. once a shiny mass has been reached, fold in the ground hazelnuts, remaining biscuits and the flour. Spread the mixture over the biscuit base.
X Bake at 180 C for 20 min. Cool
X Reduce the oven temperature to 170 C
X Meanwhile make the topping by beating the butter, sugar and egg yolk until it is light and fluffy. Stir in the melted chocolate and spread over the slice. Bake for a further 20 minutes.
X Once baked I used a cookie cutter to cut out some rounds, I sandwiched them together and put little chocolate collars around the stacks to give them a more elegant look. I also spread a little butterscotch sauce over the tops for some added goodness.