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So I have decided to dedicate an entire page to getting off your ass. I woke up this morning bathed in warm sunshine and I thought,' shit summer is here,  i'm going to have to squeeze my ass into a bikini, this calls for emergency emergency booty shrinking regieme.' So I have compiled a list of affordable options to make your life a little easier and your bootay a little smaller:)
1. Thai Bo - cost R25                                                                                                          
Thai Bo is an awesome way to keep you fit and toned. I often ask mates to come along and they tell me they can't do Thai Bo because they are to un-co. This is the biggest load of bull dangle I have ever heard. This is not an advanced ballet class at Alvin Ailey it is a relaxed fun and sometimes funny way to bop and kick your ass into shape with a group of equally as un-co girls and boys like yourself. Thai Bo classes are at 17:30 Monday to Thursday at the Shuriken Dojo in Greyville they are an hour long and cost R25. I have been going for 2 years and I still can't make it through a class without sweating and seeing stars so I suggest you bring a bottle of water and a sweat towel. The vibe is very chilled there is no set uniform I usually go in leggings and a t shirt, you can wear shorts but make sure they are tight because if you wear baggy ones and kick you will flash your va-jay-jay at the whole room and then you will feel like a lemon.
Shuriken Dojo, 373 Umgeni Road Durban

2. Regent Harriers Running/walking club - cost FREE
 Regents is freaking awesome especially in summer when the sun and the chirping birds are up early. The cool thing is that it really is for anyone and everyone of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. The running club does a 10km loop - a bit of a hilly run on Tuesdays and a flat one on Fridays and the walkers usually do about a 6km or hour long walk their route is pretty manageable for everyone.
The club meets on the corner of Broadway and Kensington in Durban North (opposite Harvey Wallbangerz) at 5am and starts at 5:15am. I know most of you are wondering if I am infact off my rocker for going to running club at 5am in the morning but in Summer it is the way to go. It is so fecking hot by 7am that you can't really exercise during the day also its quite nice going to work knowing that you are 'done' for the day and are free to spend your arvie how ever you like instead of worrying about exercising when you are pooped from work. For more info visit their website.

3. Greyville Race Course - cost FREE
If the thought of Regents is abit much for you there is always Greyville. The track is a flat 2.3 km around so it is a nice place to build up your running confidence without feeling like you have bitten off more than you can chew. It is pretty safe and there is usually a little guard riding his bike in amongst the couples with their dogs. Take a friend its nice to exercise with someone who can feel the pain with you:)

4. Yoga - cost R60 per session                                                                                             
I think yoga is such an essential thing. I never really paid it much attention until I recently took it up. I was so surprised at how hard it was for me to leave my thoughts at the door and just concentrate on nothing. Yoga for me is not about the pretzel shapes or the physical benifits but more a mental thing. I like knowing that I have 90 minutes twice a week where I can just go and be quiet, leave all my thoughts at the door and have a little me time, where no one can bother me - it does wonders. Classes are R60 a session but you can buy monthly packages for a lot cheaper so check out the website and see what suits you.

5. Pilates - cost R120                                                                                                         Pilates is the bomb. It is brilliant for your posture, your core and pretty much every other muscle in your body. Don't be fooled by that guy at the gym (you know that irritating one with the moonbag) I'm not sure what memo he got about Pilates but it is not the kind you or your ass want to get involved in. You can get your fix of the good kind with Maxine Ellis- her studio is in Marriot Road- she has actually trained to be a Pilates instructor. She follows the Scott method and is has a beautiful studio kitted out with everything anyone could possibly need in the Pilates department. Classes are R190 for individual or R120 if you go with a friend. Classes are limited to 2 people per session. To find out more you can Email Maxine here.

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That is it for now. I would love to hear about how you get off your ass so please mail me here and let me know of any cool stuff missing from my list:)