Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Im not one for fast food, In-fact If I were the king of the world, fast food wouldn't exist because why fill your body up with processed food dipped in oil that more often than not has been dropped on the floor or spat on by a disgruntled employee, when you could be eating seared tune baked in a crust of pistachio nuts and lemon zest or a delicious pot of tom yum soup (both dishes that take 20 min to make- the same amount of time it takes to make the mission to acquire a hit of fast food)  

It is only when fast food looks this absolutely amazing that I am willing to bend the rules. Mc Fancy was a concept developed for Fashion weeks around the globe in an attempt to make-over and re-brand the fast food giant with an aesthetic suitable for a 5 star restaurant.  I am absolutely in love with the little Paul Smith sundaes. If Mc Donalds looked this good I would be the star of Super-Size Me.


I am willing to put it out there that I had the best weekend in the world maybe even in durban, If you can prove otherwise Im willing to agree to disagree but seriously your weekend probably sucked compared to mine. We kicked it off with a chilled drive up to Underberg on friday evening after work and were met by Cath Knox, 3 bottles of red wine and a rediculously delicious meal that both boyfriend and I ate and drank way to much of resulting in early bed with a sore but satisfied tummy.

Saturday morning came in the form of a beautiful day surrounded by mountains, forest smell and the cleanest water your brains can imagine. We grabbed brekkie on our way out the door and hotfooted it straight to Castleburn, rafts strapped to boyfriends hilux to meet the other adventure saturday members. The next 3 hours were filled with loads of wooping, ohhing and aaahing and views you cannot even see in your dreams, loads of smiles and a kiff 3/4 pant tan. We even stopped half way to rescue a mustang slimline that some local lightie left conveniently wrapped around a rock for future use. (If this boat is yours you will now find it resting its broken body on the side of the river next to the rock).  

We finally reached the end of our crocing extravaganza sun kissed (I aquired a beautiful 3/4 pant tan), drenched and itching to do it again. Sunday morning greeted us with an equally if not better day so without wasting any time, boyfriend and I hit the road on our bikes and embarked on a 25km adventure (the first instalment of my cape argus training). Underberg is so so beautiful I really could go on about it for days and days. So often you reach friday exhausted and burned out and 90  percent of people just sit on their asses drinking their weekend away on the couch. Please, I beg you, this friday chuck your man or lady friend in the car with your bikes get your butt upto underberg and go have a look around at what is on your door step. There is so so much to do there from biking to hiking to tasting yum cheeses at the cheesery you will not be disappointed. I am recharged, and completely inspired and ready to take on the world this week:)

Thursday, January 28, 2010


LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this image by  Jamie Nelson. ( via 10thmuse) It makes me want to quit my job and follow all  my dreams in every direction.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do Fitness instructors get taught a special numerical system different to ours?  Because I don't remember ever being taught the 10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 7, push, push,  quick sip of energade whilst i mozy around the hyperventilating women, oh where was I? 8, 7, 6, 6, 5, 6, 6, 5, 4, 4, 10, push, push, push, 9, 8, 7, 7, 7 - numbering system. I don't ever remember Mr Thai bo man ever actually reaching the number one in the constant battle to count down from 10-1 during the last year. Im not even sure he even knows that the number 1 even exists? Now I know I'm bitching but seriously Its frikkin simple. 

On days like i had to day, I generally want to go home, get out of my work clothes and into my jackie chan wanna be cothes and then go kick some ass. This leaves me feeling awesome and on top of the world and pretty much invinsible. Now  I spend all day being told what to do and how to do it so when I exercise I want to just let go, beat some invisible sh*t up and know that when mr thai bo man tells me I have 10 more round house kicks left I don't want to be secretly mind gamed into actually doing 50, im 24 years old, I have been privy to the secret they think they are doing 10 but I'm really making them do 50 game since the first time you tried it so let it go damn it!

Bah ha ha How hilarious is that. I wrote that in my car straight after my thai bo class while i was still exhausted, pissed off, stinky and generally furious with Mr Thai Bo man for trying to brain wash my ass into shape.  I am now showered, feeling like my ass looks better than Giselle Bunchen and so pumped full of feeling good excercise vibes that I might pop. Although the whole counting thing drives me wild (and Mr thai bo man knows this im sure of this) I do feel amazing and I Certainly have noticed a drastic change in my bootay since I started. So If you enjoy beating sh*t up after a crappy day, I suggest you go on down to Shuriken Kickboxing and Taibo Dojo, Above Feds (DIY) Building, (between Umgeni and Stamford rd, from Kent rd turn into Walkers lane). Classes are from 5:50-6:30 pm monday to thursday and are only 20 bucks an hour and for that cheap, I am willing to put up with Mr thai bo man and his infuriating counting because secretly I know that I would never make it all the way down to 50:)

*For you peeps in CT go to, But you probably already knew that.


There has been a hell of a lot of coverage of the horrendous quake in Haiti and the disaster it has left in its path and I have been left feeling terribly helpless. I have scouted around the net to see what simple things readers can do to make a contribution that they know will make a difference. Since we all don't all have private jets we can just hop on and deliver food and supplies straight to the people of Haiti I thought i could steer other helpless feeling people in a helpful direction. All it takes for you to make a difference is click your mouse a couple of times in the right direction and you could help to make the world of difference. You have 2 options:
Buy a t-shirt like the one featured above from frettoprints

or help Jessica Simpson to collect 50 000 pairs of shoes in 50 days. 

Its that simple.

Monday, January 25, 2010


every girl has gone through the phase, you spend some time on the beach, you watch the bronzed surfer boys carving up the surf and you think 2 things:
1) holy shit that looks fun.
2) I could totally do that with ease and the grace the likes of which no one has ever witnessed before my time.

Then you go to mozam with your boyfriend for new years, you borrow a board from a mate and you hit the surf with all the attitude, the cute little string bikini and the complete faith that this is your undiscovered talent that is just waiting to be realised. Soon Von Zipper and Barak Obama will be at your door step just begging you to sign their surf board and wear their sunnies and you are so busy living the dream in your head that you fail to notice the Tsunami heading in your direction. It was to late to paddle or block my nose to say that I literally had my dreams washing machined straight out of my hands is an understatement. so I waddled back to my stripy woolies towel with a ginormous gouge out of my hip bone and a very unflattering wedgie and realised that my dream would never be realised.

I thought this was the end of my fast track to surfing fame and glory but today all that enthusiasm was revived when I came across Cynthia Rowley for roxy. With a surf board as good lookind as the one this girl is clutching it is not possible that i wont be the wildest foamie dominating chick surfer babe the durban coast line has ever seen. Don't even get me started on the neoprene dress. Today i called Roxy surf school to enquire about surf school, they don even know what they are in for:)


Oh my lord i could actually explode with excitement! I opened my post box yesterday only to find a post slip which could only mean one thing... my prints have arrived- yay. The penny just dropped that i have to wait through an entire week of work before i can go and fetch them from the post office coz it is only open during ridiculous hours (very similar to my work hours) so i have no time to go and fetch them. Lets hope the scoundrels at the mostly dishonest office of postal matters doesn't get their sneaky fingers on my gorgeous prints.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Thursday, January 21, 2010


This sounds much better when you say DAMN IT! out loud at the end.


We have had this discussion countless times, is it 10 seconds, is it 5 seconds if no one sees it while its on the floor do those seconds count, you get the idea.
Each and every person has different criteria for the 10 second rule, I mean 5 second rule I mean.. refer back to the above. Everyone has there funny little hygiene obsessions (not that im judging coz hygiene is a very serious matter). The 10 second rules and regulations, names and variations have sparked many a dirty look, tisk tisk sounds even bar fights, maybe, so here it is, in official chalk board green and white. So next time you drop food and pretend like no one saw you when you picked it up again but someone did and they give you crap about it, print this out and stick it on their forehead. I give you the official government issue 10 second rule rules. Officially.



Close your mouth and stop gawking.

1 thing you must know about me, Im pretty open to the whole new experiences extravaganza. Im keen to try it once but if that one time doesn't work out chances are its over, forever. This has been the case with me and beer my entire life (even though boyfriend makes me have just one sip of every beer he ever has, 'just incase you change your mind.'). It smells funny, it tastes funny and it makes its drinkers smell funny and no amount of 'just incase sips' is going to change that. I have stood firm behind my beer swerving for a solid 24 years and 5 months, and had absolutely no intention of being swayed, until now. 

I am not afraid to admit that I am radically shallow when it comes to packaging, I don't care what is under the wrapper as long as it is the sexiest of all the damn wrappers on the shelf, well then I will have that one (The route behind my woolworths obsession). So from this day foreword I am officially a beer drinker, not because it tastes good (because it doesn't) but because if beer can look this damn sexy well then I wanna get involved. You can too, here .

*I have seen this beer at the bottle store on Marriot road next to market  im not sure where else you can get hold of it but that is a start.

Chic Chick

These little birds never fail to make me hose myself, I love their funny names and cute fat bodies, George is my favorite I highly recommend you visit little doodles and have a look at the rest of these funny little guys, they are freaking hilarious I'm actually laughing at george and his iced gem as i write this.


This morning I dragged my but out of bed at 5 to go down and watch the start of the Hansa Powerade Dusi, (the most ridiculously hard race on the planet in my book). Every year I go I am amazed by both the number and the type of people doing the race there is everyone there form every age category and walk of life, which kind of makes me feel shit for not doing it myself but someone has to stand on the banks and shout and scream like a lunatic, or it would be no fun for the competitor because well who likes doing a race if there is no one to see you actually doing it. Anyway I was there, it was amazing some poor oaks in A batch broke clean in half at the bottom of Earnie Pierce wier which made me drizz a little because, living with a paddler, I know how much hard work and training goes into the preparation. I would like to make a special good luck to my favorite afrikaans person in the world, Richelle Montgomery and her Lovely man Mark Usher I hope you guys have an amazing race and I will see you at the finish (Ill be the one yelling and screaming on the bank) x

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have never ever wanted a biscuit tin more badly in my whole life. Sanna Annukka's beautiful folk inspired graphics are so so beautiful they make me sigh and pine and generally want to be a better person (ok maybe a bit far but she is ridiculously talented). I am in love with these tins Marks and Spencer's biscuits (top) and Paulig Coffee (bottom). sigh.


Due to my Capetonian heritage I must admit that in my life I have become accustomed to a certain level of fantastic in the food department, something that I often miss in Durbs (no offense). Imagine my complete freak out on discovering Col'Caccio Pizzeria at gateway. Now most Durbanites will not understand why I am making such a big deal over a lil pizzera this because you have not tasted possibly the best pizza on earth so you are none the wiser (this is not your fault). So I implore you to ditch work immediately get in your car and go to Col'Caccio and realise the dream that is the best pizza ever, maybe even in the world. Otherwise you can just perve over their menu, below... which will eventually result in you ditching work and going there anyway, no one on earth can resist. yum.


It would appear that christmas has come 350 days early this year. 

When this erm...package arrived in my inbox today I literally had to go and stand outside the office, stop hyperventilating and take a personal moment. The fact that Giorgio Armani took it upon himself to personally see my dreams become a reality is an incredible honor (I didn't even realise he knew who is was). Enjoy.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I have decided to start loading a thought of the day If you have one you feel particularly strongly about please dont hesitate to mail it to me x.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have recently discovered Kate Stanton's gorgeous range of bikinis. They come in a range of gorgeous styles and flirty fabrics that will make any girl feel booty-licious as all hell! They are also ridiculously well priced at around R350. The range is available in 'The Wardrobe' Kloof Street Cape town as well as Roseanne and Pushkin in Cape Town and Durbs. You can also order directly from Kate see here for details. 

Friday, January 15, 2010


Seriously, this is not a joke, If thought that you had to work hard all your life counting and saving every cent you had in order to cruise the street in your dream mobile YOU ARE WRONG!

Apparently this guy also gave away his house but that is yet to be confirmed.


Have you seen the latest V Magazine? It's called the size issue and it is rocking my world. How exciting that magazines such as V are finally embracing the fact that not everyone has the will power to live on Goji berries and Cigarettes! I also love that the more normal looking girl looks 100 times hotter, more gorgeous and fab than goji berry ciggie eater on the left. click here for more.