Thursday, January 21, 2010


Close your mouth and stop gawking.

1 thing you must know about me, Im pretty open to the whole new experiences extravaganza. Im keen to try it once but if that one time doesn't work out chances are its over, forever. This has been the case with me and beer my entire life (even though boyfriend makes me have just one sip of every beer he ever has, 'just incase you change your mind.'). It smells funny, it tastes funny and it makes its drinkers smell funny and no amount of 'just incase sips' is going to change that. I have stood firm behind my beer swerving for a solid 24 years and 5 months, and had absolutely no intention of being swayed, until now. 

I am not afraid to admit that I am radically shallow when it comes to packaging, I don't care what is under the wrapper as long as it is the sexiest of all the damn wrappers on the shelf, well then I will have that one (The route behind my woolworths obsession). So from this day foreword I am officially a beer drinker, not because it tastes good (because it doesn't) but because if beer can look this damn sexy well then I wanna get involved. You can too, here .

*I have seen this beer at the bottle store on Marriot road next to market  im not sure where else you can get hold of it but that is a start.

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