Thursday, January 21, 2010


This morning I dragged my but out of bed at 5 to go down and watch the start of the Hansa Powerade Dusi, (the most ridiculously hard race on the planet in my book). Every year I go I am amazed by both the number and the type of people doing the race there is everyone there form every age category and walk of life, which kind of makes me feel shit for not doing it myself but someone has to stand on the banks and shout and scream like a lunatic, or it would be no fun for the competitor because well who likes doing a race if there is no one to see you actually doing it. Anyway I was there, it was amazing some poor oaks in A batch broke clean in half at the bottom of Earnie Pierce wier which made me drizz a little because, living with a paddler, I know how much hard work and training goes into the preparation. I would like to make a special good luck to my favorite afrikaans person in the world, Richelle Montgomery and her Lovely man Mark Usher I hope you guys have an amazing race and I will see you at the finish (Ill be the one yelling and screaming on the bank) x

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