Monday, January 25, 2010


every girl has gone through the phase, you spend some time on the beach, you watch the bronzed surfer boys carving up the surf and you think 2 things:
1) holy shit that looks fun.
2) I could totally do that with ease and the grace the likes of which no one has ever witnessed before my time.

Then you go to mozam with your boyfriend for new years, you borrow a board from a mate and you hit the surf with all the attitude, the cute little string bikini and the complete faith that this is your undiscovered talent that is just waiting to be realised. Soon Von Zipper and Barak Obama will be at your door step just begging you to sign their surf board and wear their sunnies and you are so busy living the dream in your head that you fail to notice the Tsunami heading in your direction. It was to late to paddle or block my nose to say that I literally had my dreams washing machined straight out of my hands is an understatement. so I waddled back to my stripy woolies towel with a ginormous gouge out of my hip bone and a very unflattering wedgie and realised that my dream would never be realised.

I thought this was the end of my fast track to surfing fame and glory but today all that enthusiasm was revived when I came across Cynthia Rowley for roxy. With a surf board as good lookind as the one this girl is clutching it is not possible that i wont be the wildest foamie dominating chick surfer babe the durban coast line has ever seen. Don't even get me started on the neoprene dress. Today i called Roxy surf school to enquire about surf school, they don even know what they are in for:)

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