Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This morning I did something I have been meaning to do for years, it was one of those things that I would promise I would do every New Years Eve just before I stored it away in my 'to do box' never to be seen or heard of again. This attitude is simply not good enough. On Monday, I decided it was time to stop telling people what I planned to do and actually get off my ass and do it. I called the Sunflower Fund helpline 0800 12 10 82 and began the process of Registering on the Bone Marrow Registry. I chatted to a very helpful lady who spoke me through the whole procedure and took down all my details and told me to wait by my inbox for further instruction. I received my forms ( 1 simple form with a few questions)  yesterday arvie which I promptly filled out and faxed back to them and hit up the local blood bank this morning for a little donation- its not like giving blood, you don't have to give liters and feint afterward they literally take 2 teaspoons of your life blood and off you go. That was all I had to do.

I'm sure that most people reading this post have been directly effected or know of someone close to them who has felt the staggering effects of this horrible disease. I'm sure that most of you have also put a reminder in your 'one day box' to get off your ass and get registered and are still meaning to do it. Well here is your chance, do it TODAY call the helpline, speak to the wonderful staff, and spend 45 minutes of your life in order to potentially save years for someone else. It will cost you nothing so there is no excuse.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Last Friday, the Bird's sister, Heidi (the cool kid in the chinos) and I went for a little brekkie at the very talked about Bellevue Cafe in Kloof. We had been chatting about going for ages but I always kind of put it off as I felt a certain pang of guilt for Cheating on the now deceased Vanille with which I had a pretty long standing love affair. Run by Chris Black of Aubergine fame I always knew it was going to be great, I just wish I had confirmed my suspicions sooner as it would appear I have missed out on a whak of buttery pastries, thoughtful specials and really really great food. 

The interrior of the cafe is really beautifully done, the same high ceilings still tower above you flooding the cafe in a warm light, the tables and furniture have been kept simple and stylish giving the room a very clean and calm ambiance, whilst the outside patio is filled with the sound of birds fussing and summer conversation.

Service was fantastic, our waiter was super attentive without being annoying, never once did I ask for my glass to be filled or a surface to be wiped and the guy seemed to know everything you could ever want to know about any ingredient or dish on the menu.

It is virtually impossible to go out for breakfast and get really good scrambled eggs anywhere, this really bugs me. My favorite breakfast (and often dinner) treat is scrambled eggs on Rye and it just so happens that Bellevue has just that on the menu so I decided to give it a bash. My eggs were creamy and delicious and the rye was lightly toasted so I didn't have to use a steak knife to cut through it. The portions were spot on and I was left feeling perfectly full. Other eats on the menu included sage and onion pork bangers with mustard mash, brown onion gravy and apple chutney and a prawn and baby marrow risotto with Parmesan and tomato chilli jam, the list goes on and on and I am going to keep going back until I have tried them all - after the wedding diet is over - of course!

Bellevue is definitely worth a visit.


Friday, January 21, 2011


My Blackberry Is Not Working!

Yesterday the lovely Kendall from Distings mailed me this video and It had me in stitches. I have recently moved out of the Apple camp and in with those irritating BB people and I am not going to lie- worst move ever! But we are not going to get into that, what we are going to get into is some flipping hilarious Brit humor. Im sure the Queen is thinking about knighting these guys, they totally deserve it.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Oh my lolly, get your earphones on, shut your office door (or climb under your desk if you live in cubicle city) stuff a sock in your mouth so that your collegues can't hear you laughing hysterically and watch this clip. Gold. I think I'm in love with Josh Hartnett.


Oh my good lord Durban is being taken over by roaches. Not the small kind that you find frozen into your ice cubes at a certain Killer prawn joint, I'm talking about the cousins of those big ass Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches that Bear Grills likes on his toast. I am literally getting goosies just writing this down. Over the last week I have had 2 of the most revolting cockroach related ordeals that I think I have ever had in my life. I virtually lived that ad where Minki has to walk down the hall with a giant flapping Crayfish strapped to her forehead (except that my crayfish was not fake, and I didn't look at all hot while the incident was playing out.)

Ordeal numero uno:
3 days ago the bird and I had a lovely dinner, well he has a lovely dinner I was munching away on diet day 1 aka, a bowl of steamed cauliflower and a piece of chicken the size of a match box - gross - we watched some tv and hit the hay. Pretty much a peaceful evening resulting in me feeling very relaxed and generally ready to ease into sleep and wake up a new person. If only I had known. . .

3am: I lurch out of bed shaking my hands wildly around my now ghost white face whilst jumping up and down and pretty much doing a macabre Hokey Pokey.
The Bird shot out of bed ready to attack the attacker he now thinks is in our house because of my demon like behavior, burst into hysterical laughter as I burst into Tears - I am now on the floor in a shaky fetal position whispering Spider, Spider between sobs. 
Basically what happened is one of those cousins of those big ass Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches that Bear Grills likes on his toast snuck into our bed crawled through my hair down my FACE and scuttled down my shoulder, pretty much sending me somewhere between orbit and heart failure. So basically come morning I awoke with a searing desire to get vengeance on any creepy crawly that came my way which brings me to
Horrific Ordeal number 2:
That Night, I came home from the savaging that is Thai Bo pretty much exhausted (due to sleeping with 1 eye open) I waltzed through the door only to be met by 2 beady little eyes framed with those scratchy little feelers, my nemesis had returned. In an instant I had a flash like that guy on chuck and saw the red colour of revenge - according to reports I actually looked that scuttly little sucker in the eyes and swore vengeance as my eyes glazed over. Anyway I swooped through to the kitchen, grabbed our doom and went marching back to war and some how, I don't quite know how that little cockroach understood that he was heading straight into a shit storm and the little hissing bastard jumped at me fluttering his siff little wings all over my nose which lead to me pretty much performing act 2 of last night performance but this time on the kitchen floor. In the mean time, the bird waltzed casually over to that cocky little insect who was now mesmerized by my behavior and casually assassinated him. All in all I'm over Cockroaches in a big way, I'm planning on getting one of those fumigation tents for our new place that cheeky cockroach doesn't stand a chance.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nom, Nom, Nom, Lee Price, Nom, Nom, Nom

So the engaged one's wedding is officially in 1 month, the count down has begun- eeek so excited. Hand in hand with the count down is the official wedding diet that I have embarked on. I'm on day 3 and Im already furious and feeling seriously sorry for myself. I am also finding myself attracted to anything food related which brings me to todays post.I was doing my blog rounds this am and I stumbled upon these beautiful/distubing images. I don't know what it is about them and I am not entirely sure yet if I love them or hate them but there is definitely something about them that has got my thoughts all tangled up.  These aren't photos by the way (I know right unbelievable) They are actually paintings done by a girl called Lee Price. Lee's series explores the intimate relationship between women and their food, they are almost ritualistic?. I love the quiet guilt that radiates out of each bite. What do you think, you like em?

I really like this one, this pretty much captures what I will be doing when this wedding hell diet is over. Sort of a diet honeymoon if you will.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hello my lovelies, just to let you know that the latest Lonny Mag is out. It's a really lovely edition, I am completely in love with the story on the Lilly Pulitzer store- all the little doodles and bits and pieces, major major new house inspiration going on here. Anyway enjoy the read and keep your eyes out for the Chocolate Whoopie Pie recipe from the guys at Baked It is seriously good.

How glorious is this store?


DECOR8 is a blog that i have been following for probably the longest. Infact, I think its' one of the first blogs I ever actually came across. Holly, the editor is a super talented woman who always seems to come up with the most remarkable and inspiring projects that adorn the walls of my dream home that I WILL have someday- sigh. Talking of Dream homes, the Bird and I are on the move hoorah! We are moving into a gorgeous new flat at the end of the month. I'm really looking foreword to all that 'out with the old in with the new', clean walls, fresh spaced vibing that is going to be flittering around my life for the next while and how convenient that dear Holly has introduced a brand new column called "Handmade Home" which will start next week. I'm going to be getting my Handmade on in a big way and can't wait to see what she has in store for me and my little housie. Here are some pics to get those taste buds going...

Friday, January 7, 2011


Pic via ffffound
Rightee hoo Tontorino's I would love to stick around and entertain y'all while you are stuck at work but I have wild plans and exciting expeditions on which to embark so I hope you all have a rad weekend. See you on Monday :)


I was scrummaging around my treasure chest of things to do inorder to look like you are busy when you are actually screwing around at work, and I stumbled upon this baby. I can't believe I have not shared this with you guys yet as It's pretty magical stuff. This glorious little snippet is dedicated to Askashe who has had a supremely crappy friday. If you are a client, watch this and make sure you never repeat any words heard in this clip ever. Let this be a warning to you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


In between the mince pie baking, turkey basting, egg nog drinking scoff fest that is the Christmas season lies mine and the Bird's anniversary. In between all of the panicked cooking and wedding planning (The engaged one is set to become a missus in pretty much four weeks- eeeek) that is pretty much all that happens in my house hold these days. I wanted to whisk the Bird away for a glorious and romantic evening away from bbm, pastry brushes and the deranged shrieks of my mother to a quiet lace where we could chill out and do what ever we wanted with out being told what to do. So, sneaky woman that I am booked a night at the Old Mac Daddy trailer park, an outrageous Part wholesome caravan park, part designer farm lodge nestled between the apple orchards that comprise the Elgin valley.
The whole thing was a surprise- of course and the bird was surprised out of his socks! We were welcomed into our little trailer (The Kind Midas suite!) by a gorgeous bottle of Villera bubbly which we promptly drank while we gawked with open mouths at the Golden orb that was our trailer. The big idea around this place is that they got together a whole whak of air stream trailers (like the one Mcdreamy lived in for a while on Grey's) and they got some sa designers to think up their wildest trailer park fantasies and let them rip over these glorious trailers. What has resulted is a fantastic, hilarious and outrageously fun little holiday get away.

All in all we had the most wonderful time, the staff were crazy helpful and the little trailer was an absolute hoot. The one we stayed in was the most basic one they have (and the only trailer available) it comes with a very comfy bed, a shower and neat bathroom, a sink, stove and microwave- if you feel like getting your domestic on- and a pretty roomy fridge to store all your champers:) There are bigger trailers available and even a beautiful Villa (See piccie below) if you are keen to hit the road with afew mates (it sleeps 6 max).

This little get away comes highly recommended by DC - it is fun, affordable and a really romantic- the ideal anniversary, birthday, surprise awesome destination in Cape Town. Its also a pretty cool esacpe for the family with some rad hiking trails, dams to fish in and a general outdoorsy vibe. There are masses of distractions for the kiddies also allowing for some nookie time:) For more info check out their website.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

VIA makedo
So we are officially back (That's me the second bum I seem to have adopted in Cape town- sob) After a wonderful Christmas and New Years spent with my fam and the Bird. I hope that you did the same and are now ready to face the new year with a grrrr face, a hungry determination, and maybe a small detox plan:) I am really excited for the new year as there are heap fulls of exciting things on the horison for me and DC so I look foreword to another 365 days with you lovelies.