Thursday, January 6, 2011


In between the mince pie baking, turkey basting, egg nog drinking scoff fest that is the Christmas season lies mine and the Bird's anniversary. In between all of the panicked cooking and wedding planning (The engaged one is set to become a missus in pretty much four weeks- eeeek) that is pretty much all that happens in my house hold these days. I wanted to whisk the Bird away for a glorious and romantic evening away from bbm, pastry brushes and the deranged shrieks of my mother to a quiet lace where we could chill out and do what ever we wanted with out being told what to do. So, sneaky woman that I am booked a night at the Old Mac Daddy trailer park, an outrageous Part wholesome caravan park, part designer farm lodge nestled between the apple orchards that comprise the Elgin valley.
The whole thing was a surprise- of course and the bird was surprised out of his socks! We were welcomed into our little trailer (The Kind Midas suite!) by a gorgeous bottle of Villera bubbly which we promptly drank while we gawked with open mouths at the Golden orb that was our trailer. The big idea around this place is that they got together a whole whak of air stream trailers (like the one Mcdreamy lived in for a while on Grey's) and they got some sa designers to think up their wildest trailer park fantasies and let them rip over these glorious trailers. What has resulted is a fantastic, hilarious and outrageously fun little holiday get away.

All in all we had the most wonderful time, the staff were crazy helpful and the little trailer was an absolute hoot. The one we stayed in was the most basic one they have (and the only trailer available) it comes with a very comfy bed, a shower and neat bathroom, a sink, stove and microwave- if you feel like getting your domestic on- and a pretty roomy fridge to store all your champers:) There are bigger trailers available and even a beautiful Villa (See piccie below) if you are keen to hit the road with afew mates (it sleeps 6 max).

This little get away comes highly recommended by DC - it is fun, affordable and a really romantic- the ideal anniversary, birthday, surprise awesome destination in Cape Town. Its also a pretty cool esacpe for the family with some rad hiking trails, dams to fish in and a general outdoorsy vibe. There are masses of distractions for the kiddies also allowing for some nookie time:) For more info check out their website.

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