Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When it comes to everything sassy and sexy in the kitchen, only one name comes to mind and that is Yuppiechef. Yuppiechef is South Africa's premiere online heaven Kitchen store that has really made the hugest effort to bring South African's the best possible tools so we can all get out Nigella's and/or Jamies on respectively.   

When I went to that fab Food Bloggers Conference, I was lucky enough to meet the entire Yuppiechef lunatics team and was immediately determined to become bff's with them. They are an awesome bunch of guys and girls who always seem to be having some kind of fun - something that DurbanCentral is very much down with - so, please let me introduce to you the two Yuppies in Yuppiechef Marina and Lisa. Read about them, learn about what makes them tick and then go over to the Yuppiechef blog and immerse yourself in the heaven that is Kitchen addiction.

1. Describe yourself in 10 words 

Lisa: English? South African? Searching for the best of both worlds.
My name is Marina and I like eating zoo biscuits.

2. 10 ingredients every person should have in their kitchen?

Lisa: Sundried tomatoes, mother-in-law’s salt (with paprika and other secret things), Klein River Gruyere, smoked mussels, avos, coconut milk, olive oil, marshmallow eggs, Wedgewood nougat,risotto rice.
Chilli, feta, mushrooms, cream, black pepper, olive oil, chickpeas, peppers, fresh ginger,

3. I read a Jamie Oliver inty and he was telling a store about once when he was cooking
dinner for his lady in the nik and he opened the oven and a whoosh of hot air blasted his
bits! Any cringe worthy kitchen moments you would like to share?

Lisa: I decided to make a 70s-inspired dish for my husband’s 30th – a rather hideous sounding orange pudding (orange juice, milk and gelatine…. doesn’t sound good does it?) but didn’t put in enough gelatine as when it came to turning it out of the mould a cascade of orangey-milk drowned both me and the kitchen. Not cringe-worthy but certainly the makings of a good party.
Marina: I once went on a blind date and my date disappeared during the meal and locked himself in his room. Turned out he had cooked with pinenuts, which he was allergic to, and got so swollen he didn’t want to be seen!

4. Wooden spoons are so last Tuesday, My mom must have broken masses on my ass as
a kid, but these days moms have so many more options (I personally am loving the Le
Creuset spatula range, nice wooden handle with a flexible silicone end) Which kitchen
utensil do you think doubles as the best whacker ?

Lisa: The Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin
A pizza paddle? Although this breaks the rule of thumb.

5. Being someone who likes to cook, a lot, means that I receive about 3 recipe books every
Christmas, and birthday. What are the top 3 budget friendly Yuppie Chef items (in the
non cookbook category) you would recommend to people looking to gift their foodie

 Lisa: Cuisipro heart shaped cookie cutters, Kitchen Craft toaster bag, A Grabbit or two

Marina: Poach pods, Magnetic measuring spoon, Victorinox Tomato Knife

6. What is the wierdest thing you ever ate and enjoyed?

Marina: Stingray.
Heston Blumenthal’s mock turtle soup (OK not weird but magical)

7. When all the foodies aren't looking I like to indulge in a little . . . .

Marina: Steers
Pork scratchings

8. Working for the 'ol yuppiechef people must make people assume that you chicks are pretty much Masterchefs, a) is this the truth? b) When you have me round for dinner next time Im in ct what will you be cooking for me?

Lisa: a) Nope. If I’m left to my own devices in the kitchen it’s chaos. b) Thai steak salad
Marina: A) Well the people in Masterchef are learning, right? b) Butternut and burnt sage butter risotto (if you feed me chocolate)

9. On the subject of your employer, how on earth do you receive your pay check at the end
of every month and not blow it immediately on a kitchen aid? You are surrounded by so
much cool stuff!

Lisa: Creating a ‘wish list’ helps!
Marina: We have nerves of steel.

10. What is the best perk about your job?

Lisa: Our social teas – last week we had marie biscuits with marshmallow easter eggs squished inside and then melted. Today we had scrumptious milk tart.
Marina: Working with incredible, quirky and inspiring people.

Monday, April 4, 2011


 I just totally love it when a plan comes together! Ages and Ages ago I posted this picture (you can check out the post here) asking y'all to close your pretty eyes and just Imagine what a beautiful painting it would make. Every now and again I revisit the picture in my archives and hope that one day I will have the gusto to put on a sexy over sized mens shirt, jab a paintbrush in my updo and lock myself in my "studio"  only to emerge days later, covered in paint and clutching my gorgeous work of art that we will spend hours discussing at my marvelous dinner parties! Due to some unforseen macarooning my little fantasy slowly but surely became a dusty old fossil that was never realised. 

Danny Roberts clearly read my blog post and felt heart ache over my lost fantasy that I was subliminally smashing you guys with between the lines because the little stud muffin (seriously go check him out, he is just a little ridiculous in the good looking dept. total hottie) took it upon himself to act out my sexy litle artistic fantasy and do the dirty work for me! So without further rambling, may I present to you the dream as interpreted by the very talented Danny Roberts.


The bird recently posted this link on my Fb wall and it totally made my day! This is such a wonderful idea and possibly the raddest Monday blues killer on the planet. Playing for change is this super clever little posse of dudes who had the fab idea of recording little snippets of some incredibly talented buskers from every walk of life and corner of the globe. They traveled around collecting these beautiful snippets that they eventually edited together to bring us this wonderful gift. I hope it makes your Monday seem a little less well, Monday-ish. Enjoy peeps.

PS. I am officially back from my blogging hiatus, it was forced upon me by the nasty internet gods who very selfishly confiscated my connectivity but that is all very over now so you can breathe a sigh of relief:)