Monday, April 4, 2011


 I just totally love it when a plan comes together! Ages and Ages ago I posted this picture (you can check out the post here) asking y'all to close your pretty eyes and just Imagine what a beautiful painting it would make. Every now and again I revisit the picture in my archives and hope that one day I will have the gusto to put on a sexy over sized mens shirt, jab a paintbrush in my updo and lock myself in my "studio"  only to emerge days later, covered in paint and clutching my gorgeous work of art that we will spend hours discussing at my marvelous dinner parties! Due to some unforseen macarooning my little fantasy slowly but surely became a dusty old fossil that was never realised. 

Danny Roberts clearly read my blog post and felt heart ache over my lost fantasy that I was subliminally smashing you guys with between the lines because the little stud muffin (seriously go check him out, he is just a little ridiculous in the good looking dept. total hottie) took it upon himself to act out my sexy litle artistic fantasy and do the dirty work for me! So without further rambling, may I present to you the dream as interpreted by the very talented Danny Roberts.

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