Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Mothersday from Justin Timberlake

There are no words. Except maybe for BAAAAA ha ha ha HA HA hA. I bet you never though you would see Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson like this before, ever, not even in a million years. Happy Tuesday lovely readers.

Hey y'all time to get your Market on

Hey peeps it's that crazy time again so get out your thrifty outfits and little tasseled book bags, the markets are a comin. Thursday night sees the return of the Whole Foods Night Market held down at the less gangster side of point road, if you have not yet explored this market I highly suggest you get organised and come down it is a whole lot of fun and just a really rad place to hang out with friends, eat some falaffel and get a little sloshed. for more info hit up their facebook page here or you can read my previous post on it here
Next up is the I Heart Market on Saturday which you all know about so I'm not going to waffle on about it. What I am going to waffle on about is the seriously cool Twitter Blanket drive that Askashe has orchestrated. Basically all you need to do is get yourself a blanket and come down to the I Heart Market on Saturday where you can donate it to the people who need it the most. Ashe has scribbled down all the info here, go check it out immediately.

Bloggers, bubbly and shiny shoes

So The Bird and I have recently moved into a new place - when I say recently I mean we moved in in Feb but because all my stuff is still all over the place, it still looks like we moved in yesterday! 

Last week some of us lucky blogger chicks were invited to have a little look see at the latest and fabbest at Con Amore in La Lucia Mall . I could literally hear the ca- ching ca-ching sound from the moment I walked in. We were greeted by a table packed with absolutely gorgeous little cupcakes, plates of delicious sushi and piles of our Macaroonies were rising up off silver platters looking very snooty indeed.  The lovely Candice gave us a little introduction and sent us off to discover the wonders of their store, clutching glasses of bubbly and slowly watching our bank balances plummet. . .

me: Omg bird, you don't understand,I saw the most beautiful shiny shoes tonight
bird: Why do you need shiny shoes?
me: I'm sorry, I don't understand the question

I loved the fact that the store is packed full of beautiful little details that us girls can use to make our simple first homes look like really glam little gems. Union Jack pillows, definitely on the official birthday list 2011.

Tie a little ribbon round your finger

Today I was standing in line at the post office waiting for my awesome package to be handed over to me. I was merrily thinking about how rad bananas it is to get little postage slips to say that you have some giant surprise you need to go fetch because it is too big and awesome to fit in your mail box- just the best feeling right? Anyway while I was standing in the line I slowly started to look around at the people standing in line around me and I realised just how lucky I am in my life.  So often we get so caught up with our constant striving to have better hair than the girl next to you , a tighter butt, more money, iPhone or Blackberry that we forget to be greatful for the important things like our health, our warm beds and supportive families and our generally awesome lives. I know this post is a bit of a heart bleed but if you are reading this, please just take a moment to step back and be greatful for how awesome you have it, you really are one of the lucky few. Poster available here

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Wholefoods Night Market

Just close your eyeballs for a second, sit back in your office chair, spin around if you must, and let me tell you a little story. I recently went to the Whole Foods Night market (what used to be the Colombo Market) Unfortunately because I was so busy selling Macaroonies to the hungry hoards I didn't get even a moment to snap any piccies so I am going to just have to tell you about it instead and hope that your wild imagination can fill in the blanks and colour in the lines.

This little story takes place in beautiful, abandoned building project down on Point Waterfront. The weather outside is cold and rainy and the sky is the colour of a grumpy elephant. My lip is dragging on the ground because my car is packed to the roof with gold dusted brownies, sour cream fudge and enough macaroons to make you sick for a week and the weather is so damn miserable, I am sure no one will turn up. They will be too busy watching re runs of gossip girl while sniggering at all the poor sods sitting at a rainy market.

I arrived to the sound of bustling and laughing. Strings of bunting were being cris-crossed in every direction while Darryl, the creator of this whole shebang, skipped and weaved his way through the myriad of glorious stalls, firing up the candles that covered every available space to the sound of some cheeky jazz. Vendors were excitedly filling up their tables with everything from home-made lemonade and boutique beer to possibly the most delicious falaffel wraps you will ever have in your whole life- ever!

Slowly but surely, the space filled up, people wafted around following the clouds of delicious smells that floated around our cozy cave, clutching big glasses of red wine while they picked out there dinner menu. Once they were decided, bites were bought and enjoyed around the many candle lit tables that had been fashioned out hay bales and boxes. 

The Wholefoods night market was a roaring success, it was run professionally, parking was really easy and close to the front door, and the products supplied by the vendors were of a really high standard. I can definitely recommend this market to anyone. So, when you find yourself without plans on the first Thursday evening of every month, round up some troops come down to the market and have a really rad candle lit evening with your mates. 

Venue: The Quays, at the Durban Underwater Club and nearby uShaka, there is additional security personnel on duty. To find The Quays – take the second left after uShaka at Wodka, and go over the canal bridge as though going to Durban Underwater Club. Night Market will be on your right.
For more info – phone Yossis on 031 201 0090 / Tracey on 072 552 8152