Thursday, April 29, 2010



It is completely impossible for you to have a crap weekend this weekend. Pretty much every surface in Durbs is going to be crawling with little floral dress, fedoras and filled with lots of nom nom nom noises. You guessed it little chickens its market time:) Below is a round up of what is happening across our bustling sunny town-yay

First up is the Litchi Orchard Market out in Ballito. These guys have taken seriously well to the whole market hosting profession and seem to be growing at an alarming rate. This weekend they will be hosting a Nut Fest along with the market! The main aim of the Nut Fest is simply to highlight the benefits of their locally-grown tree nuts. One of the ways in which they'll be doing this is by getting many of their stall holders to include these nuts in their recipes and showcase their products on the day. So chuck your family, boyfriend, pug in the car, head down the high way, grab a table, and settle in with a LUYT draught while the stupendous beats of Durbs act DAVE and THE SMITHS wash over you. Remember guys the market runs from 8:00am -13:00 pm

Next up is the I Heart Durban Market which can be described as nothing short of the berries. I have never been and not eaten something delicious, bought something that friends envy and left with a silly smile on my face.

Last but certainly not least is the Shongweni Farmers Market. I have heard such great things about this market in particular and I really need to get my bootay over. I have it on good authority that there are some seriously good eats out in those hills just waiting to be introduced to my tummy:) Details and directions can be found here- don't be scared to bring me take-aways.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Treasures For Charity have had to move their date out a few days:( So it will now be happening on the 27 May instead of the 7th! This gives yall 20 more days to put your ruthless pants on and clean out your clutter! 

Monday, April 26, 2010


How cute is this thought


I am somewhat of a macaroon addict. Ok I am in full blown macaroon addict but who is counting. If an institution has them on their menu, best you believe I have sampled it, judged it and stored it in the little macaroon filing cabinet in my brains. Last time I was in Cape Town the engaged one introduced me to a little patisserie called Cassis. A little slice of heaven wedged in between some bustling cafe tables in the heart of Newlands that has quite honestly got me reeling. I am going to go on the record and say that they have the best Macaroons in South Africa.

Since the first visit, the engaged one subsequently moved to Johannesburg and I have it on good authority that she has put out a tender to  UPS, Postnet and everyone else in transport to start exploring how they are going to successfully transplant those delicious gems out of the refrigerated cabinets of Cassis, into her warm tummy.



I have been looking for a pair of gorgeous over the knee boots literally all year long, scouring every page of every mag, so imagine my total explosion of joy and obsessive must have-ness when I spotted these babies!

Alas, all that over excitement was in vein! Naturally, the moment I clapped eyes on them, I rushed over to my nearest Country Road store, plopped down on their chair and asked the lovely lady for a size 39 and waited to follow my destiny in my foxy boots when the now not so lovely lady told me that there are only size 35's (who even has feet that small anyway). She continued to say that they will never EVER get any more in any other sizes as it is a fashion item  (Is the freaking standard of fashionable-ness now being gauged in feet?) Being a seasoned shopper myself I was not phased by this radical foot racism and promptly asked her to phone a friend and see where in South Africa I could track down some of these mystical boots of destiny. She nearly laughed I clearly was not the first victim who had come begging. The story goes that there is apparently not a single pair on any kind of shelf in any sort of Woolworth's in the whole country, in the world even- surely not! 

So I am begging you. If you perhaps own a pair, maybe you even bought them on one of your shopping binges and now you are reeling in buyers remorse. I am willing to rescue you from those depths, to lift you up and help you over come it, to take those puppies off your hands.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I love how pantone makes everything right in the universe.  You know when you were small you were like hey i wonder if the red i see is maybe purple to you or your green is my mauve or yellow or fascia? Pantone has settled that shit and no one will ever be confused about mine or your red. Now you can colour code your hopes and dreams and thoughts and scribbles (I would personally do it in ORANGE 021C) and even your sips. God help our coffee lady.





Wednesday, April 21, 2010


In my dream world a box arrives in the post with my name on it. I frantically rip it open-  lets be serious how rad are packages in the post- and inside are all these sexy little kitchen numbers. We bake delicious things for the whole world and we all live happily ever after. PS In this dream we live in Meryl Streep's kitchen from 'Its Complicated'

1. Rice dk Melamine Cups Set of 6

2. Rice Set of Three Melamine Spoons


Crabtree and Evelyn along with Kim Gray are giving away a scrumptious Lavender Hand Care Ritual hamper that includes: the Scrub Cleanser, rejuvenating Hand Remedy and the Hand Therapy {pump dispenser}. Retail value: R830- just in time for Mothersday! I love C & E -it reminds me of my mum, she keeps a massive tube of the hand therapy that has lived in her bag since time began. I remember loving rubbing the thick mixture into my hands just so that they would smell like her:) Go here to enter.  


Your mother will love you seriously mine gets hysterical when she sees that little Crabtree logo flash before her eyes. She might even cry.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Treasures for Charity was started by Simona Mugnai and Nicola Ashe in 2009, when they discovered they had wardrobes bursting at the seams with stuff they never wore anymore, or had worn once and wouldn’t wear again! They knew there would be other girls out there who were in the same position, so they started canvassing their friends and families and soon they had a mass of clothing, accessories, shoes and handbags which they sold for charity at an event in November 2009. It was a phenomenal success and they raised over R25 000 for the Izulu Orphan Projects and the rest they say… is history!

That time of year has come around again and I cannot wait to be first in line. This is such a fantastic event and an awesome opportunity for us more fortunate fashionistas to cleanse our wardrobe and give back. On coming back from thailand I realised that I needed to evacuate a fair portion of my cupboard to make room for all my hotter younger things (The Nazi Boyfriend has expressed some negative feelings on my attempts at making inroads into his cupboard). Instead of sobbing and clutching and throwing my sad self around in protest I will happily get rid of my treasures I no longer wear because this tie I know they will go to someone who will love them as much maybe even more than I do. For all the details and drama go to their website


Hello my lovelies I am officially back! Ok I have been secretly back for a while now but had a Whole lot of work things to do do I am eternally sorry for the abandonment! Thailand was completely amazing It was such a treat to be able to spend time with my lovely sisters whom I adore and my mum hooray. Its amazing how much the youngest has grown. The timid little rabbit has now grown into a skinny jean wearing, weyfarer rocking little beauty with a hysterical opinion on any and every topic it is so rad when a small person turns into such a rock star, and the oldest has just got engaged! When I say 'just' I mean afew days before our thai date with destiny so I had an excuse to buy any and every wedding magazine known to man which has thrilled me to the very core. My hand luggage weighed a flipping ton by the time we got to Phuket because of the library of wedding mags I had feverishly stuffed into every pocket and compartment) I am  completely over the top with wedding fever, hysteria, madness (the boyfriend should be worried) but more of that later.
When we arrived in the land of the Thai Thai's our tour guide came on the form of one of my very own followers yay aka a fab friend of the oldest. The friend is well versed in the language of Thai tourism infact I am going to go out on a limb and say she might even be the best, so she has subsequently been ordained her the  guru of all things Thai. So as soon as we were checked into our insanely sex and the city-esque hotel we immediately refered to the gurus words of wisdom and began our adventure!
To say that our holiday was incredible would be an understatement. Thailand is such a fantastic destination with so much to do and see and your reubels really can go a long way there. Later on in the week I am going to give you the official Thai list of musts, a merger if you will, from me and guru of all things Thai. In the mean time I just wanted to let you know that I am officially back and am alive so you can call off your search parties and panic attacks, your daily read is back on the menu:) YAY