Thursday, April 29, 2010


It is completely impossible for you to have a crap weekend this weekend. Pretty much every surface in Durbs is going to be crawling with little floral dress, fedoras and filled with lots of nom nom nom noises. You guessed it little chickens its market time:) Below is a round up of what is happening across our bustling sunny town-yay

First up is the Litchi Orchard Market out in Ballito. These guys have taken seriously well to the whole market hosting profession and seem to be growing at an alarming rate. This weekend they will be hosting a Nut Fest along with the market! The main aim of the Nut Fest is simply to highlight the benefits of their locally-grown tree nuts. One of the ways in which they'll be doing this is by getting many of their stall holders to include these nuts in their recipes and showcase their products on the day. So chuck your family, boyfriend, pug in the car, head down the high way, grab a table, and settle in with a LUYT draught while the stupendous beats of Durbs act DAVE and THE SMITHS wash over you. Remember guys the market runs from 8:00am -13:00 pm

Next up is the I Heart Durban Market which can be described as nothing short of the berries. I have never been and not eaten something delicious, bought something that friends envy and left with a silly smile on my face.

Last but certainly not least is the Shongweni Farmers Market. I have heard such great things about this market in particular and I really need to get my bootay over. I have it on good authority that there are some seriously good eats out in those hills just waiting to be introduced to my tummy:) Details and directions can be found here- don't be scared to bring me take-aways.

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  1. On the subject of markets .. check out ... yes I know you cannot rush off to an Auckland suburb in which a wonderful French-Style market bustles every weekend ... baguettes of all manner; macaroons; cheeses; wines; striped shirts and berets, the freshest of produce, onion soup and crooning soft French music ... a quaint spot of utter civility in an otherwise rugby-mad city!! Go check it out and if you are ever in Auckland over week-end .... don't miss it, it is in the Parnell suburb!