Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been looking for a pair of gorgeous over the knee boots literally all year long, scouring every page of every mag, so imagine my total explosion of joy and obsessive must have-ness when I spotted these babies!

Alas, all that over excitement was in vein! Naturally, the moment I clapped eyes on them, I rushed over to my nearest Country Road store, plopped down on their chair and asked the lovely lady for a size 39 and waited to follow my destiny in my foxy boots when the now not so lovely lady told me that there are only size 35's (who even has feet that small anyway). She continued to say that they will never EVER get any more in any other sizes as it is a fashion item  (Is the freaking standard of fashionable-ness now being gauged in feet?) Being a seasoned shopper myself I was not phased by this radical foot racism and promptly asked her to phone a friend and see where in South Africa I could track down some of these mystical boots of destiny. She nearly laughed I clearly was not the first victim who had come begging. The story goes that there is apparently not a single pair on any kind of shelf in any sort of Woolworth's in the whole country, in the world even- surely not! 

So I am begging you. If you perhaps own a pair, maybe you even bought them on one of your shopping binges and now you are reeling in buyers remorse. I am willing to rescue you from those depths, to lift you up and help you over come it, to take those puppies off your hands.


  1. Sorry kid, none of those boos in any Country Road store in Sydney, Australia either!!! Apparently the Auckland store has a singlepair left in your size .... and I'll try to button those down on Friday ..xx

  2. wow that's a sad story, hate it when you find the SHOE and they dont have it in your size! and how dare they only make shoes in pygmy sizes!