Thursday, December 16, 2010


7 Ripe and juicy nectarines
150g Brown sugar
Teaspoon of cinnamon
puff pastry

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees celcius.
Grab a 25cm tart tin and cut out a piece of grease proof paper (not wax paper) into a circle that fits into the base of the tart tin. Smother it in butter- don't be stingy.

Mix the brown sugar and cinnamon together in a little bowl and sprinkle the lot it into the base of the tart tin.

Cut the nectarines into more or less 1cm thick wedges and pack them side by side in a tight spiral until the whole tart tin is filled with a beautiful juicy nectarine spiral. Just remember that fruit shrinks when you cook it so don't be scared to really pack those juicy wedges in.

Unroll the puff pastry (I just used store bought woolies one) measure it and make sure it is big enough to drape over your nectarine spiral. If it is a little small gently roll it out. Using a sharp knife cut out a circle the size of the tart tin and drape the pastry over the fruit. Put it in the fridge for about 30 min to chill. 

Once your Tarte Tatin is chilled put in in the oven on the centre rack and bake for about 35 minutes or until the pastry is golden and puffy and gorgeous. Take the pud out the oven and leave it to cool. 

When the tart tin is cool enough to handle put a plate over the top and flip your tart right over onto the plate. Remove the tart tin and serve with some vanilla bean ice cream.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Dear sweet, gorgeous Santa... 

I luuurve a good magazine subscription, this year I'm gunning for WomensHealth. Before it launched in SA I used to buy the odd American one from CNA which I literally read, cooked, worked out from and pretty much loved them till their pages fell out so now that it has arrived on our shores I feel a little celebratory subscription is in order. Of course these things are always much more fun when someone else is buying:) thanks Santa.

Im in love with "Cloud Guy" 2009 by Frank. These little statues are such a hoot I have been lusting over them for years, maybe this year I'll get lucky:)

I think these cheeky little poppets would make the coolest gift to a mum or a friend. Salt pigs (as they are commonly known - best kitchen accessorize name ever) are so super useful and they just look so pretty. I personally am smitten with the Emile Henry (you can get them at that rad kitchen shop at the cape quarter - I forget the name help anyone?) and the Le Creuset one (via Yuppiechef If you are planning on buying one make sure you wrap it up next to a box of Maldon sea salt. Gifting an empty pig is like giving a kid a toy with no batteries.
Im of the belief that one can never ever have enough white takkies. They go with everything and anything and are a wardrobe staple that I firmly believe in.  Now that I have successfully murdered 3 Mr P pairs, and 2 Country Road pairs I have decided to give Astore's Feiyue's a bash.  I couldn't face leaving them to go stale in their shop window, that would just be cruel.

So that is about it in the Christmas Round up stakes for now but fear not my lovelies, tomorrow is another day and there are many gifts left to be lusted after.


Piccies by the lovely Kamini Pather of Deelishuss

I recently met the Macaroon wunderkind Daniela Dotan. I blogged about Decadent Dani's a little while ago and announced to the world that she would be opening in Durbs in December. I got completely beside myself with excitement, jumped the gun as usual and then the worst happened. Some hoochy sex shop opened right by her potential spot so she has had a few delays while she looks for a new store. She ensures me that she has found a bigger better more fab one so I'm not completely heart broken. So opening will be more around Feb- just in time for your man to spoil you on Vday (there is that great timing thing again!).
Now I consider myself to be quite the Macaroon connoisseur and let me tell you these little darlings in the picture look very lady-like and petite. As usual pictures lie! Dani's macaroons are like the Eva Mendez of macaroons. They are sexy and girly but they come with big curves and and a much fuller figure than the usual dainty jobs you see else wear. I even close my eyes and go oooohhhmmm like that irritating girl in the Aero ad when I eat them- They are that good!

Dani landed in Durbs last week and I jumped at the opportunity to grab a cup of coffee with her and make friends because well she is a macaroon guru and I am a macaroon addict so naturally we are destined to be bff's so i thought i would speed up the process. Dani arrived clutching a beautiful box bursting with heavenly macaroons and instantly won me over. I am so excited for Dani to open her store here so that the girls of Durbs can be introduced to the heaven that is a macaroon hang over and the warmth that is Dani Dotan.


Hello hello my dears! ITS THE WEEKEND BABY:) This morning I got up to the most ridiculous beautiful day and hit the tarmac for regents (the best running club that Isn't really a running club in the whole world!) and then jumped in my car the moment Gareth burst into his weekend baby extravaganza- I love perfect timing. The mixture of Gareth's glorious announcement and the huge endorphin kick has me grinning like a fool and did I even mention that Christmas is just a stone's throw away? There is just too much to be happy about so if you are feeling grouchy today best you bugger off now because I am going to be irritating happy for the rest of today and I would hate to enrage you more.