Friday, February 26, 2010


What are you going to do with it? buy this poster here

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sidle over to kim Gray enter the competition and win a sweet watch. that easy

Friday, February 19, 2010


You know when you se some thing so scrumptious, so absolutely delicious looking you cant help but run your finger through the icing when no one is looking and dissolve into a flipping gorgeous pool of astounding taste explosion. This is like the same thing except for your eye balls not your mouth. Enjoy. Françoise Nielly 


It would appear that a little circus conductor has snuck onto the drawing boards of more than a few designers and art directors of late. I have noticed the delicate tink tink of carnival fair creeping into fading colour palettes, dirtying them with their sticky candy-floss fingers. The loud candy stripes slightly muted from endless summer days and the abandoned fair grounds filled with the silence of tattered flags and bunting  flapping in the wind...

This cake looks like it tastes of sweet dreams by forty-sixth and grace 

No circus is complete without a flying elephant:) by Kareena  

or a high top by michi girl 

The latest look book by Anthropologie is dreamy and whimsical and astoundingly beautiful. I love the quiet simplicity whispering though each shot.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Next time you are in the market for an awesome man pressie that will guarantee an endless supply of girlfriend worshipping, look no further than Matblac . Matblac was created by a mate of mine from high school days who was born with an uncanny ability to transform rare salvaged leather into a seriously sexy jersey for your leopards . Each wallet is individually crafted with Mat's bare hands ensuring quality so ridiculously fab Mat is willing to slap a 1 year guarantee on his products (I don't recall anyone else ever doing that). Made from leathers ranging in age from 22 to over 35 years, found in a disused attic in Woodstock, these are undoubtedly the most unique wallets available.


Hooray now all you lovely folks who follow my blog with a fierce and fiery passion can do so using bloglovin, don't say I don't look after you:)

Monday, February 15, 2010


Don't be scared to introduce your credit card to this website. Please Pay give special attention to these particulars, If you by mistake on purpose feel the need to include the MIMI BAG I wont Judge you for making an Impulse buy because you are blinded by love for me.






No, mom, I am not engaged. This is so much better than tiffany's. When I see things with Martha Stewart on it I buy it compulsively, I have boxes of her magazines I subscribe to every ms newsletter in existence and I stalk monitor her website with a near dangerous frequency. When I was satisfying my daily Woolworths craving I sauntered by the newspaper stand with no real interest (the feel of newspaper makes my skin all crawly) and then It started, the room was spinning I was giggling as much as I did when I first cracked eyes on boyfriend but maybe a little more hysterically I was jumping up and down freaking out and by this stage I had dropped my grocery basket and my little punnet of lychees were rolling all over the store. There it was, my dreams scrawled across the newspaper," HOME-STYLE GURU MARTHA STEWART HEADS FOR SA." Im going to type that again just incase you think I mis-spelled and said," HOME-STYLE GURU MARTHA STEWART HEADS FOR SA." Can you believe it? I am going to buy every ticket there is for Martha's talk at the Cape Town Design Indaba  just so that no body else can get in. Martha and I will sit together for a whole hour and chat about gorgeous crafty things and swap recipes and eat macaroons. She will realise that we are BFF"s separated at birth and Invite me back to be her adopted daughter she always dreamed of and we will live happily ever after. THE END
This is an pictorial representation of my feelings on the Martha Stewart matter

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Julias, You spoil us

Deborah Patta recently interviewed Julias Malema, below is just one of the questions she asked Julias.
Deborah Patta: “Julias, if you had failed grade 12 would you have committed suicide?”
 Julius: “Me commit a suicide?... I'd rather kill myself than doing such a horrible thing.” 


Over the past few months us Durbanites have watched in awe as our gobsmackingly beautiful stadium has taken shape. What many people thought would be an eyesore on the horizon has blossomed into the raddest looking stadium in the whole of South Africa (if you think your stadium is better than ours you must be a person who wears crocs). Last 
night I had the wildest Moses Mabida experience ever, I thought I would be prepared for what was waiting for me on the inside, boy was I wrong. The wind was knocked straight out of my lungs when my little two shoes entered those walls. There were soccer obsessed maniacs clutching their vuvuzelas in every direction, we could feel the sound buzzing all over our bodies, it was frikkin amazing. There were 2 very clear camps, you were either yellow or you were green there was no lime coloured people around. I had to make a split second decision and decided to put my yellow voice on coz they had the best name and their hats were cool. We sat behind a gang of hilarious locals who generously adopted us as their honorary whiteys. They taught us how to abuse the sh*t out of the green team in their own language and gave us the secret hand shake when the mud slinging came to a nil nil close- I assume I am now in the inner circle. The best part? our tickets only cost R30 which can barely buy a chappie in this day and age, it was like the same feeling you get when you sneak into the golden circle at a concert but you only pay for crappy standing seats so far away you have to listen to the band on your ipod. 
All in all I had an awesome night, the crowd made for hysterical people watching and the vibe was electric. I cant wait for you stallers to get your act together and get your eyeballs into that stadium, you are going to flip out.

If you are wondering who took these wild piccies, it was world famous extreme sports (that is a direct quote) photographer Kelvin Trautman. (We are mates:) I highly suggest you set a reminder on your Iphone or blackberry or beeper or what ever for 1 weeks time, then go to and have losers about your photo taking skills for the rest of your life.


Check out these cute valentines downloads over at stylecrush just follow the link and click 'download pdf' and Bobs your uncle:)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Love these quirky shades from Jeremy Scott 

Do you see how the wind just got knocked out of your chest? This piccie is also from the blanco range, it has that effect on people.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Aussie designer Marc Newson has teamed up with the fancy pant's at Dom Pérignon for the fourth time to create this suave little Black Box. It is composed of 2 polycarbonate shells that are resistant to both temperature change and shock so when you find yourself getting on and off your private jet you wont have to hassle with ice buckets, cooler boxes and other very un-suave accessories. 

When given the opportunity to work on such iconic brands such as Dom Pérignon, so many designers feel the need to leave their mark or make their change or do something drastic to modernise a brand and help usher it into a new 'fresh' look and feel. It is so refreshing to see a designer that has the foresight and intelligence to leave great classic design alone and instead of giving the a brand a full facelift, Marc Newson simply offered it an accessory that both complimented its age and history and still let the young ones at the party know that old Dom was still the boss man.  


I love Tom Ford there I said it. I know he is gay and has been happily involved for like a thousand years but I don't care somewhere in the deep depths of my heart, I believe that someday he will come for me like  Richard Gere did for Julia Roberts in pretty woman except I will be wearing a beautiful ensemble from the Blanco spring 2010 lookbook and I wont be a prostitute either. Oh and he will be driving an Aston Martin because im sure Tom Ford would rather be caught dead than in a White Limo (thats more P Diddy). Whilst I am still waiting for this grand gesture of happily ever after in the arms of Mr Ford I have found myself happily satisfied in the knowledge that even if we cant be together today or tomorrow or maybe even next week, I can still buy his hotter than durban on 7 february 2010 sunnies (and pray to god that I look as hot as this chick does when I wear them) and be close to him every day.


This collection by Blanco has left me utterly gob smacked, If I had all the pennies in the world, I would put them all in a big jar (like those three little boys do in that movie where they save up all their copper to see a naked lady except I wouldn't chicken out at the last minute) and head straight for blanco. The clothing in this range is exactly what I would like to wear every day for the rest of my life. They are soft and feminine and look like they make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. These pretty pieces look like Miss Dior Cherie smells- sigh. 

This outfit is my favorite, I would like to take it on an outing with boyfriend to the botanical gardens with  my favorite book, a blanket and a chai latte.

Thursday, February 4, 2010



This is quite possibly the most hilarious thing i have seen all day. How is it possible that the board of merry men at the Bakers factory signed off on this name? I Mean Eet-Sum-More Balls are you serious? and don't even get me started on the ginger-Nut-Balls. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This week its all about Valentines day, how to survive it, how to rock it and how to be crowned worlds most brilliant boy/girlfreind ever.  

For the girls:
When it comes to girls, thrusting "wild flowers" (code for I picked these off the pavement outside the door) into their faces as you enter her candle lit abode in the hope of some nookie remuneration just will not cut it. In fact it will probably have the reverse effect and land you in the proverbial poo for a fair amount of time. Girls like well thought out complicated plans that involve treasure hunts, white doves and phrases like you complete me (you also have to do the little heart shape with your fingers when you say the 'complete' part) ok that is just a joke. Truth is we really don't care what is in the little heart shaped box or behind your tie you used as a blind fold. All we care about is the fact that you took a little time out of your complicated and busy life to spend thinking about us and making complicated plans with treasure maps just because you know it will make us happy:)
Below is a little list i have compiled for you boys to peruse that might help with the whole vday conundrum

1. Sexy shoes. These little puppies might set you back a few rubels but I will 100% assure you that if you pull Jimmy Choo out the bag she will cry hysterically and then propose. So just make sure you are ready for a life long commitment if you are not then get don't Mr Choo involved.  

2. Underwear.

Buying sexy undies for your lady can be abit stressful because of the whole size issue. An easy way to avoid this is 1: wake up in the middle of the night and have a little squizz through your womans undie drawer and see what size her sexy pants are. 2 Call her sister or her bff and ask her to do a sherlock for you and investigate the sizing situation. This option is a goodie because you can both enjoy the gift and if you combine it with some sexy shoes like the one above she might even give you a fashion show:)
recomended shopping destinations: Womens Secret, Woolworths , La Senza , Mr Price, temptations

3. Gift her.
GiftDay and or netflorist are great sites that take all the hastle and panic out of any occasion they offer a huge variety of gifts from hot air balloon rides to roses to gorgeous and very affordable gift packs guaranteed to make your lady melt. All you need to do is turn on your computer, click on the link pick out something that preferably involves chocolate and click pay...then wait by the phone for the fireworks:) 

4. If all else fails
Go Down to her favorite take away spot, order her favorite thing to eat drive upto a spot with an awesome view be it the beach, the botanical gardens, signal hill what ever you like spread out a little blanket and have a romantic dinner together and watch the sunset.

For the boys:
Girls, its simple really go to buy some tickets. Leave them conveniently under a chilled beer on the kitchen counter for your man to find on his return home from work. Boys are not complicated, they have no use for those hilariously ridiculous silky boxers or glitter covered coffee cups. Rather suck it up go and do something with him you know he loves, drink some beer have have a ball. I know I did.


To some people, kitchen utensils are just silly things you use to flip and scrape and stir with. Not to me. I am obsessed with everything kitchen on an almost dangerous level. If our house was hypothetically burning down boyfriend would have to fight me with his bare hands to stop me running into a burning building to rescue it. I would risk my life for kitchen aid. 
When my monthly yuppie chef newsletter drops into my mail box I get the same feeling that SJP gets when she sees the Manolo Blahnik sale sign. I get all hysterical, it is my porn. This month the sneaky fellows over at YS played a very cunning joke on woolies. If you hadn't noticed Woolies is running a HUGE competition at the moment that you have to basically tweet and facebook and jump through flaming hoops of fire to participate in. It is called woolieslovebird and it requires you to go online to and do all the frustrating comp stuff and flaming hoop jumps. So when YC went to the designated web address they found that the domain was not registered because the silly web guy at woolies registered by mistake. They could easily have called up the silly web guy and told him to rectify the situation before billions of competition hungry people went in search of fame and fortune and found a big fat nothing. Instead the registered the domain and sent woolies the cheeky ransom note below and helped a charity in need. Brilliant.