Monday, February 8, 2010


I love Tom Ford there I said it. I know he is gay and has been happily involved for like a thousand years but I don't care somewhere in the deep depths of my heart, I believe that someday he will come for me like  Richard Gere did for Julia Roberts in pretty woman except I will be wearing a beautiful ensemble from the Blanco spring 2010 lookbook and I wont be a prostitute either. Oh and he will be driving an Aston Martin because im sure Tom Ford would rather be caught dead than in a White Limo (thats more P Diddy). Whilst I am still waiting for this grand gesture of happily ever after in the arms of Mr Ford I have found myself happily satisfied in the knowledge that even if we cant be together today or tomorrow or maybe even next week, I can still buy his hotter than durban on 7 february 2010 sunnies (and pray to god that I look as hot as this chick does when I wear them) and be close to him every day.

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