Wednesday, February 3, 2010


To some people, kitchen utensils are just silly things you use to flip and scrape and stir with. Not to me. I am obsessed with everything kitchen on an almost dangerous level. If our house was hypothetically burning down boyfriend would have to fight me with his bare hands to stop me running into a burning building to rescue it. I would risk my life for kitchen aid. 
When my monthly yuppie chef newsletter drops into my mail box I get the same feeling that SJP gets when she sees the Manolo Blahnik sale sign. I get all hysterical, it is my porn. This month the sneaky fellows over at YS played a very cunning joke on woolies. If you hadn't noticed Woolies is running a HUGE competition at the moment that you have to basically tweet and facebook and jump through flaming hoops of fire to participate in. It is called woolieslovebird and it requires you to go online to and do all the frustrating comp stuff and flaming hoop jumps. So when YC went to the designated web address they found that the domain was not registered because the silly web guy at woolies registered by mistake. They could easily have called up the silly web guy and told him to rectify the situation before billions of competition hungry people went in search of fame and fortune and found a big fat nothing. Instead the registered the domain and sent woolies the cheeky ransom note below and helped a charity in need. Brilliant.

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