Monday, February 8, 2010


Aussie designer Marc Newson has teamed up with the fancy pant's at Dom Pérignon for the fourth time to create this suave little Black Box. It is composed of 2 polycarbonate shells that are resistant to both temperature change and shock so when you find yourself getting on and off your private jet you wont have to hassle with ice buckets, cooler boxes and other very un-suave accessories. 

When given the opportunity to work on such iconic brands such as Dom Pérignon, so many designers feel the need to leave their mark or make their change or do something drastic to modernise a brand and help usher it into a new 'fresh' look and feel. It is so refreshing to see a designer that has the foresight and intelligence to leave great classic design alone and instead of giving the a brand a full facelift, Marc Newson simply offered it an accessory that both complimented its age and history and still let the young ones at the party know that old Dom was still the boss man.  

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  1. Do you know what a great job Mark Newson did with all the Qantas First and Business Class accessories .... toiletry sets, sleep suits etc etc ??? Same philosophy ... don't mes too much with the actual product - but make the packaging and presentation too good to imagine.