Monday, February 15, 2010


No, mom, I am not engaged. This is so much better than tiffany's. When I see things with Martha Stewart on it I buy it compulsively, I have boxes of her magazines I subscribe to every ms newsletter in existence and I stalk monitor her website with a near dangerous frequency. When I was satisfying my daily Woolworths craving I sauntered by the newspaper stand with no real interest (the feel of newspaper makes my skin all crawly) and then It started, the room was spinning I was giggling as much as I did when I first cracked eyes on boyfriend but maybe a little more hysterically I was jumping up and down freaking out and by this stage I had dropped my grocery basket and my little punnet of lychees were rolling all over the store. There it was, my dreams scrawled across the newspaper," HOME-STYLE GURU MARTHA STEWART HEADS FOR SA." Im going to type that again just incase you think I mis-spelled and said," HOME-STYLE GURU MARTHA STEWART HEADS FOR SA." Can you believe it? I am going to buy every ticket there is for Martha's talk at the Cape Town Design Indaba  just so that no body else can get in. Martha and I will sit together for a whole hour and chat about gorgeous crafty things and swap recipes and eat macaroons. She will realise that we are BFF"s separated at birth and Invite me back to be her adopted daughter she always dreamed of and we will live happily ever after. THE END
This is an pictorial representation of my feelings on the Martha Stewart matter

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