Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This week its all about Valentines day, how to survive it, how to rock it and how to be crowned worlds most brilliant boy/girlfreind ever.  

For the girls:
When it comes to girls, thrusting "wild flowers" (code for I picked these off the pavement outside the door) into their faces as you enter her candle lit abode in the hope of some nookie remuneration just will not cut it. In fact it will probably have the reverse effect and land you in the proverbial poo for a fair amount of time. Girls like well thought out complicated plans that involve treasure hunts, white doves and phrases like you complete me (you also have to do the little heart shape with your fingers when you say the 'complete' part) ok that is just a joke. Truth is we really don't care what is in the little heart shaped box or behind your tie you used as a blind fold. All we care about is the fact that you took a little time out of your complicated and busy life to spend thinking about us and making complicated plans with treasure maps just because you know it will make us happy:)
Below is a little list i have compiled for you boys to peruse that might help with the whole vday conundrum

1. Sexy shoes. These little puppies might set you back a few rubels but I will 100% assure you that if you pull Jimmy Choo out the bag she will cry hysterically and then propose. So just make sure you are ready for a life long commitment if you are not then get don't Mr Choo involved.  

2. Underwear.

Buying sexy undies for your lady can be abit stressful because of the whole size issue. An easy way to avoid this is 1: wake up in the middle of the night and have a little squizz through your womans undie drawer and see what size her sexy pants are. 2 Call her sister or her bff and ask her to do a sherlock for you and investigate the sizing situation. This option is a goodie because you can both enjoy the gift and if you combine it with some sexy shoes like the one above she might even give you a fashion show:)
recomended shopping destinations: Womens Secret, Woolworths , La Senza , Mr Price, temptations

3. Gift her.
GiftDay and or netflorist are great sites that take all the hastle and panic out of any occasion they offer a huge variety of gifts from hot air balloon rides to roses to gorgeous and very affordable gift packs guaranteed to make your lady melt. All you need to do is turn on your computer, click on the link pick out something that preferably involves chocolate and click pay...then wait by the phone for the fireworks:) 

4. If all else fails
Go Down to her favorite take away spot, order her favorite thing to eat drive upto a spot with an awesome view be it the beach, the botanical gardens, signal hill what ever you like spread out a little blanket and have a romantic dinner together and watch the sunset.

For the boys:
Girls, its simple really go to buy some tickets. Leave them conveniently under a chilled beer on the kitchen counter for your man to find on his return home from work. Boys are not complicated, they have no use for those hilariously ridiculous silky boxers or glitter covered coffee cups. Rather suck it up go and do something with him you know he loves, drink some beer have have a ball. I know I did.

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