Thursday, November 10, 2011


Do yourself a favour, let this baby load, gather everyone in your office around your computer and hit play. This little kid is so frikken insanely hilarious. She will make you all laugh out loud in an embarrassing way- but it's so funny so you won't mind. Someone might actually snort or pass out, who knows what will happen. Either way it is going to make your heart feel all warm and fuzzy and your mouth all grinny and your cheeks hurt.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Sunday, November 6, 2011


                                                                   A Couple of weeks ago this little baby landed in my Inbox! I was super chuffed to have cracked the nod and immediately seized the opportunity to go out and buy myself a beautiful dress. The event was really beautifully put together and no detail was left unattended to. As the event was sponsored by 1st for Women, the organisers did not fail to add as much pink as humanely possible in every nook and cranny of Simon's, so on arrival, guests were met with a Summery explosion of pinks in every hue imaginable, glorious clutches of blooms took residence on every and any flat surface. I immediately grabbed a cocktail and stepped into wonderland to explore. This is what I found.... Dotted around the courtyard were pamper stations to satisfy your every need from a Sally Hansen Nail bar for manicures, Elizabeth Arden for Make up touch ups, Mangwenani spa provided orgasmic foot rubs. Moirs provided a very chic Waiter equipped with a silver tray over flowing with delicious biscuits for us girls to much on in between our grueling pampering sessions! The ladies literally wanted for nothing! Once all the guests had arrived, we were ushered into a banquet hall, draped in flowers and chrystal where a tasty buffet lunch was enjoyed and prizes were won. Once all the girls had had their fair share of civilised behaviour, Lloyd Cwele burst onstage and turned the once ladylike guests into giggling, girating school girls. All in all the event was really fun, it was a great excuse to dust off my hat which I so seldom get the opportunity to wear, to eat as much cake as I wanted because, well, that is what you do at a tea party and to meet a super bunch of independent, successful women.

The goodie bags were completely insane. They weighed a ton and were packed with everything from Toothpaste to Miglio earrings. O magazine sure knows how to spoil a girl!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I don't know about you, but a mini-break to  Alluvia Specialist Winery for two sounds pretty splendid to me. You could stay at home for the weekend, you know, to do that admin you were planning to do, sort out your recycling, do the low carbon emissions green thing where you only ride a bike or walk everywhere for a weekend, or you could click here, answer a simple question, probably win and spend the weekend getting sloshed with your lover in Stellies. But I am not going to force you...

Monday, October 24, 2011


Every now and then an experience comes along that changes your life. The life changer for me came in the form of the Thule 4 Peaks Challenge. About 3 years ago I stumbled upon some gorgeous piccies taken at the race by a friend of mine  and was completely blown away by the beauty of the scenery that is the canvas for this epic adventure ... I vowed on that very day that I would get off my ass, buy myself some sweet trail shoes and get my bootay all over that mountain. This was the race that got me going in the beginning.
I am not one of those runners who wears one of those heart rate monitors or races my mates hoping to smash their Regent's time. For me it is not about the competition. I am the kind of runner who sees a beautiful picture, taken at the top of a mountain and wants to be there, just so I can see what it feels like. I run so that I can be fit enough to push my body up and over 4 mountain peaks; so that I can experience what it is like to stand on top of Peak 4 knowing that I got there, by myself with nothing but this picture for company. For me, trail running has become more of a religion than a sport. It is a way of life and a very very special thing in which to immerse oneself.
When it comes to big races and goals, I am a firm believer in choosing a team-mate to suffer through all the training and slog with you. That way when it is pelting down cats and dogs, you have someone to drink wine with whine at while your shoes get all soggy and snot is running all over your face (sad but true) and also someone to help your motivation levels in the whole getting your ass out of bed category. That is where Storm comes in. 
Now, neither Storm nor I were serious mountain smashing athletes before the race (just so you can understand that this race is not only for the likes of Mr Ryan Sandes and his crazy posse of Tarahumara style mates) That's the beauty of it. Any man, woman, dog who is into adventuring can enter this race and have a bloody spectacular time conquering it. On entering, each person receives a training schedule to which you can tailor your own vibes so a) you will not perish alone on a mountain in the Free State and b) you will be fit enough to actually enjoy the crazy, crazy views in every direction around you. (as well as some of the bums that come running by :) 

The athletes pour into the little town of Ficksburg (totally worth a visit just for the people-watching) the day before the conquering, for a rad dinner + race briefing. While Storm and I ploughed our way through a delicious mountain of macaroni cheese seasoned with potatoes, Adrian Saffy (Race Director) talked us through our race briefing. He may or may not have used the words, treacherous, near death and broken legs more than once but who knows, the realisation of what Storm and I and our beautifully painted fingernails had gotten ourselves into had just hit so we were too busy shaking in our Salomon sLABS Sunset shoes to worry about silly things like the route and all that other nonsense!. We thought we were toast. The fact that hurricane Katrina had sent her bitchy sister to visit the neighborhood that night contributed quite dramatically to my sense of imminent and really shitty death, alone, on a mountain, in the Free State.
The morning of the race we awoke to the sound of                PHEW! Yea, that is the sound of rain not smashing down followed by relief. We insinuated ourselves into our race gear and headed straight for the start-line filled with a wierd mixture of terror and wild excitement (probably the only time in my life that I have heard Storm not talking - EVER.)

Jumpng out of the car, we were met with the sound of happiness and excitement, something that immediately calmed us two tarts down. The athletes were buzzing around, getting kit checked, funneling down as much hot Milo as possible (it was flippin' cold) and generally just getting into 'the zone'. Next thing you know we were lined up at the start line and off we went.

The race starts with a quick kick up to the base of the first peak. Storm and I made the mistake of starting at the back (lesson learnt) which ment that when we reached the first obstacle, the bottle-neck vibe was a bit hectic and we ended up having to waiting for about 30 min before we could really get our run on. I found the first few km's to be really challenging. The gradient is super-steep; you climb from 1,700m to 2,170m in the first 4 km (luckily I had a guy with a dead-cute ass in front of me so the view wasn't half bad) Because you are still warming up and trying to acclimatise yourself to the lack of oxygen floating around those areas, it is a bit of the shock to the system and also a little bit of a - oh my gosh what have I done, I am never going to be able to run 23 more kays kind of a vibe but once your are up and over the second peak you really have nothing to worry about. (except getting lost or another tornado hitting Ficksburg)

The rules of the game are simple, there is a start, a finish and three compulsory check points you need to go through in between. Other than that, you are pretty much left to your own devices and free to choose what ever route that tickles your fancy. If I can offer a golden nugget of advice, do a little homework before race day because the wrong route can see you adding a good hour or two onto your time and a hell of a lot more climbing than is necessary. (Don't leave this homework to the final moments at the start line... lesson learnt )

Once you are up and over peak 2, the absolutely mind blowing views that open up in every direction around you make you completely forget about your watch, your legs and pretty much everything that you have in your head. It is that moment you realise why it is that you are so ridiculously nutty about trail running. Kilian Jornet said,
" I do not run on or against a mountain, I run with the mountain".
It was this race that really taught me exactly what Kilian was talking about. This race is not about coming first, it is not about a smaller ass or a better time than the guy next to you. The Thule 4 Peaks Challenge is an experience; one you will treasure and reminice about for an awfully long time. Yes it is hard and gruelling and often a little nerve-wracking but in return you are rewarded with scenery like you have never seen in your life, an opportunity to push yourself far beyond any level you thought you ever could and a feeling of accomplishment that I cannot describe to you. You do not need to be a super athlete to share in this adventure, you just need get off your ass, do the training and you will be handsomely rewarded. For more info check out the Pure Adventures Website. I will be sure to let you all know when entries for next year open so you you can meet me on the start line.

What I wore:

*From the bottom up

Salomon sLabs
Not only are these the hottest looking trail shoe on the market - I'm shallow like that- but they are also extremely comfortable and super stable. I highly recommend these babies for this race as there is a large amount of technical terrain, boulder dashing and cliff hanging involved and if you find yourself wearing some other brand name of trail shoes - like the guy who ran in front of me- you will probably see your ass and this will make you look silly in front of all the professionals.

EXO 3/4 tights
These babies will make you look and feel like Spiderman, they will reduce cramping, muscle soreness and give you muscle support ie they will stop your muscles from wobbling about and losing important energy. I have absolutely no problem with any of that.

Fastlite Windshell:
As I said earlier, it is bloody flippin' crazy cold at the start of the race and a windbreaker is a compulsory item so best you show interest here. After about peak 2 you warm up quite quickly and end up having to peel off all your layers. I really liked this shell as it was really warm, super light and when stowed, took up very little space in my pack.

Salomon Backpack:
Backpacks are a seriously important part of the race as there is no seconding allowed and no water points along the route. You are responsible for yourself honey, so best you get organised. I drank about 3 litres during the run so you want something that you can strap extra bottles onto that you can reach with ease. Also, this backpack has nifty little pockets on the waist strap making things like energy bars easily accessible while you are on the trot. When test driving a pack, look out for scratchy straps that chafe (especially under your arms). The sign of a good pack is one that you don't feel on your bod.

The Facts: location: Moolmanshoek  distance: 24km   Ryans record time to beat: 2h 41m 58s

Thursday, October 20, 2011


What are you having for dinner tonight? Re- heated pizza? shame, I'm going to hang out with Neill Anthony, have Homemade potato gnocchi with asparagus and shaved parmesan, Perfect roast baby chicken (the only way I like my roast baby chicken) with seasonal veggies, watercress, roast thyme jus finished off with a great big wedge of Treacle tart and Confit lemon. You want to come along darling? 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Ever since Beyonce jingled her bell shaped derriere to the tune of Africa in her 'Run The world' Video, Everyone and anyone has been getting their African Bootaylicious selves on. This Summer, country Road has packed up their shit and headed straight for an African Summer baby. They call their Summer line, 'Summer Adventure', I am going to disagree and re-name it, Country Road's very civilised 5 star African Inspired mini-break. See here for more heartbreak holidaying from your desk.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Im sure all the cool cats that have been hanging out at the Florida Road Vida lately have noticed the big gold arrow pointing at the heavens ...

 Yea... that one. How many of you have taken your latte for a little peruse? I took a stroll up the golden staircase during my last week as a Durbanite and was really quite bleak that such a rad haven of man gifts had opened up on my door step just as I was stepping out.
The Stock Market is an uber cool little boutique catering strictly for men, and by men I mean those seriously cool cats who wear those sexy slim cut chino's that are all rolled up at the ankles (hmmm lets stop and think about that image for a while) anyway, back to Earth, they stock everything from the a fore mentioned sexy pants, to gorgeous Molton Brown smellies to some suave Marc Jacobs shade for his eyeballs. Next time you are busy being cool at Vida, get a take away and drag your derriere up stairs and have a look, if I have not yet convinced you maybe their giant jar of Quality streets will give you the final push.


I am currently harboring a little obsession for the whole warm Sunday day spent curled up in the sun in a soft, slouchy jersey look. It is so feminine and so damn beautiful, I am definitely going to get involved in some slouchier vibes this summer.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Congratulations Chloe Van Schoor! you are our lucky winner - yay. Tonight you will receive R200 sushi voucher courtesy of Czar as well as a bottle of bubbles for you and the chicks to climb into! Warwick will be serving up this extravaganza for you viewing pleasure. Shot for the epic poem fancyface, I hope you enjoy being spoilt. please send me your details so we can shower you in gifts and champers!

Monday, September 26, 2011


As you all know from seeing the above poster that has been floating around the inter web, Tuesday nights are officially Ladies night at Czar. Being a lady, this vibe appeals pretty much all the way to me, introduce the half price champers + delicious sushi combo (DurbanCentral's favorite food + beverage combo) and you have a winner. Now I know you are probably thinking jeez Louise, how many ladies nights can a girl fit into her week because, let's be honest, every restaurant and their neighbour is cashing in on the ladies night vibe, and secondly with every ladies night comes a weird bunch of old guys standing just close enough to you at the bar to run their boep on you - sis - and that is not really the vibe that DC subscribes too. So why should you be outrageous and go out on a school night to indulge in this crazy sushi + bubbles combo? Well, it is simple really,  I have organised for Wok, a.k.a Warwick Wright a.k.a topless guy from the zigzag story (see picture below for a refresh) to be your topless waiter for the night. 2 lucky Gals will also receive a R200 sushi voucher as well as a free bottle of bubbles. I bet you that you don't get that kind of service anywhere else in the 031!

So how do you get in on the topless man + sushi + bubbles opportunity of a life time you ask? It is simple really. 
1. In the comment section below you need to write a short poem telling me why it is that you need a topless man serving you sushi and bubbles to improve your week. 
2. Follow @Czardurban , @Durbancentral and @wok84 on twitter and LIKE the Czardurban Facebook page
For extra entries:
3. re tweet or re blog the competition for an extra entry.
 *Winners will be announced at 2:30 tomorrow arvo 

Friday, September 23, 2011


After I posted about the Super Bad-ass Adidas hightops I bought the other day, 
 a lot of you folks sent bouquets of Twitter lovings followed by requests about where you could get your hands onto your own pair of Super badass hightop radness. Well, being the giving and wonderful blogger that am, I searched and scoured the interweb and compiled a little list of the raddest and most badass high tops currently circulating the Southern part of Africa. I am going to tell you now that I have not included Converse in the following list, not because I dont love them to bits but just because every one knows they are the bomb and everyone also knows where they are available, in what colour, size bla bla so I figured I would give you some other options... just in case you wanted to not look like the person standing next to you. 
1 and 2: Nike QS Blazer Hi Suede R795 (Astore)    3: Nike Air Force 1 Cream HiR1499 (Shelflife)    4: Nike Air Jordan Olympic Flight 9 R1699 (Shelflife)

1: Puma Hawthorne Mid Black R795 (Astore)   2: Puma Dassler Wellenbande R1495 (Astore; Stock Exchange, Durban)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


This is just a little boast, I thought I would show off my snazzy new sweet ass Adidas High top shoes I bought the other day, I am very excited about them, not only are they very very rad in the looks department but they give me outrageous badass confidence vibes. Seriously, when I wear them (which I have done virtually everyday this week) I am much cooler than usual, they must be magic or something. If you want in on the Magic Badass confidence vibes (that come with really cute rainbow stripes on the end of the laces) hit up your nearest Adidas store (or just go to SOHO on Stamford Hill Road) 


I know that people are all, "Muffins are just an excuse to eat cake for breakfast" at the moment but seriously, they don't have to be. Although these are are not the most glamorous muffins you ever cracked eyeballs on, they are simple and delicious and more importantly, they are packed full of nutritious bits and pieces that won't go to your ass, so give them a break or just give them a bash next time you have some left over Quinoa taking up space in your fridge. 

2 cup cooked quinoa, cooled
2 medium bananas, peeled and mooshed
2 eggs
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1/2 cup honey
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup pecans or walnuts, chopped
1/3 cup raisins
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1.5 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
pinch of salt

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Butter and flour one 12- muffin pan
2. Grab a large bowl and chuck together the mooshed bananas, eggs, yogurt, honey and vanilla essence. Mix to combine.  Add in the quinoa, raisins, pecan nuts (if you have any other seeds like sunflower seeds, linseed, whatever seeds you would like to add, go ahead, there aren't really any rules here).Combine all the ingredients and put to the side.
3. Sieve the dry ingredients over the quinoa mixture and fold together until everything is just combined.
4. Spoon the batter into the muffin pan and bake for about 25 minutes or until a knife comes out clean.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Last time I was in Cape Town my Step mum brought me a cup of tea in the most beautiful handmade cup. After some light interrogation tactics I found that it was made by Lindsay Scott, a Potter who works out of a quaint studio tucked in amongst a splash of blossoming cherry blossom trees in the heart of the Midlands (how convenient!). I decided that it was only right to dedicate my Friday afternoon to some gem hunting- I was also obsessed with having some of these little cups to myself- so I hit the hills in Search of Lindsay's studio. This is what I discovered. 

The studio is a treasure trove, it has that earthy smell reminiscent of junior school pottery class that made me smile. Each of Lindsay's pieces are completely unique, making it impossibly difficult to choose just one, or two, I tried, and ended up leaving with and entire set! For a map, information and everything else you need to know about Hillfold pottery look here.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Talk about Friday, I'm in LOVE! Le Creuset has recently launched a gorgeous new collection- The Strawberry Tea Collection- in a range of freaking gorgeous pinks and girly hues that are just begging to be positioned next to a big fat cupcake. Everybody knows that cupcakes taste so much better when shared with a troop of your nearest and dearest. Le Creuset, being the smartie pants that they are have cottoned onto this and have brought you this really lovely competition. How do you get on to this Strawberry swing you ask? Its simple really, purchase any Le Creuset product from one of their 12 boutique stores, from the 15th of September until the 15th of October and you are 'in it to win it' - if you want to get all American Idols on the situation!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Christian Siriano Spring 2012 collection.

Remember earlier on in the week, I was chatting about the love affair I will be having with the whole Tans + brights combination this summer?  Well, it would appear that Mr Christian Siriano has pretty much hit my fantasy  Summer wardrobe on the head. I am totally smitten with his combination of casual t-shirts with beautifully lean bias cut skirts, His marriage of loud, acid hues to more shy, quiet neutrals and the utterly flattering girlish vibe that his collection exudes. When I win my EuroMILLIONS, he is going to be the first guy I visit.


I am so happy to be able to introduce you folk to this wonderful, crazy (sometimes border line insane) young lady. Che, author of the most sensational cartoonstrip on the planet blog IndieBerries is a hysterical blonde living in Korea collecting rad stationery teaching our fab language to the peeps over there. While she is not busy spreading the word, she is filling the world with big fat belly laughs with the adventures of her pink and blonde blog self. Next time you find yourself at your desk on Monday, hit up her blog for an instant pick me up. 

1. describe yourself in 10 words
Designer, daydreamer, can't cook, eats cereal, funny on odd occasions. 
2. What was your first ever cartoon about?
My first ever cartoon was ages ago and the style of my drawing and cartoons has really changed a lot. The cartoon was all about waiting for the bus that NEVER came when I had a about ten thousand errands to do and things to try and get done. haha.

3. Does your illustrated self wear the same thing everyday? Does she have a closet like on

Dexters lab filled with rows and rows of perfect little pink dresses?

Yes. exactly
4. Besides pink dresses, what are your top 5 can't live without items.
My style is very eclectic and some kind of eighties boho chic :) My top five favourites are leg warmers, ALL my bling,  classic black heels, scarves and nice underwear. :)

5. Which is your favorite blog post to date?
Mmm... tough one, but I think my favourite is the one where I was learning to ski. It was an all-round fail. haha. You'll have to check it out to see the full story. (Side note: I have NOT skied again since then. keke) Other posts which readers have really enjoyed include the Date Drive of Death series - which I did for the VW Date Drive Campaign. Heinous ways to kill your ex-boyfriend was also a very popular post. Turns out people are really into killing their exes.
6. You know how us caucasions are constantly tattooing 'deep' asian bits and bobs all over our bodies even though we don't know how to read the language, any radical mis-communications in your english class?
Once I saw a Korean girl who had tattooed onto her wrist "Save mind, use the small words for sound argument". Irk. Everyday life situations are frequently lost in translation and class time is often just a whole new world of hilarious. haha

7. Care to share your favorite strawberry related recipe (Daquiri's don't count:)?
Simple: Strawberries. Melted chocolate. You can't go wrong. :) Also... strawberries with black-pepper crusted cheese. Delicious!

8. Besides getting awarded your whole pile of South African Blogger awards silverware, what is the coolest most bodacious thing that has happened to you as a result of your blog?
Honestly, the greatest most bodacious thing that I get out of my blog is the awesome comments, emails and feedback that I receive from readers about my cartoons. It's a huge motivating factor to know that people really get a kick out of my drawings and humour - which is why I love people's comments so much and it keeps me doing what I do!  
9. finish the sentence

Maybe I should... kill the internet, turn my computer off and get into bed. (said at 3:30am)

I love...beautiful stationery, red wine, cereal, the internet, my friends and family.

I don't understand... banking, taxes, finance or anything really to do with money. I just spend it really well. (Note to self: must marry accountant)

When I wake up in the's about 7 snoozes past my alarm time and I'm already plotting what I'm going to eat for breakfast.

I credit card once. For almost three weeks. I didn't really know what to do. (see above). I found it in the end.

Life is full of...sneaky little twists.

I wish...for my own huge design studio- Very organised and airy and stocked to the max with beautiful stationery, papers and craft supplies. sigh.

Dogs...bark a lot.

Cats... are smaller than dogs, but they do not bark.

Tomorrow...I'm going to collect three photography films that I handed in to be developed. YAY! I have low tolerance...for rude, impolite, bad-mannered people. It's obnoxious.

If I had a million dollars... I'd take a super long backpack trip around South America and maybe around Africa too. Then I'd get some stationery importing up and running pronto and supply to awesome stores in South Africa. Next I'd buy a wonderful house with aforementioned design studio attached and spend my non-traveling days doing design work and making crafty things that everyone wants to buy. Would a million dollars go that far? (not good with money. ha)

I'm totally terrified...that i'm not going to get around to achieving all the things that I want to in my lifetime. Also, I'm terrified of frogs. I hate those little suckers. 

10. Where can we find you online?
twitter handle: @CheKershaw
Photography Portfolio:
Etsy Store:
Lomography Portfolio