Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Im sure all the cool cats that have been hanging out at the Florida Road Vida lately have noticed the big gold arrow pointing at the heavens ...

 Yea... that one. How many of you have taken your latte for a little peruse? I took a stroll up the golden staircase during my last week as a Durbanite and was really quite bleak that such a rad haven of man gifts had opened up on my door step just as I was stepping out.
The Stock Market is an uber cool little boutique catering strictly for men, and by men I mean those seriously cool cats who wear those sexy slim cut chino's that are all rolled up at the ankles (hmmm lets stop and think about that image for a while) anyway, back to Earth, they stock everything from the a fore mentioned sexy pants, to gorgeous Molton Brown smellies to some suave Marc Jacobs shade for his eyeballs. Next time you are busy being cool at Vida, get a take away and drag your derriere up stairs and have a look, if I have not yet convinced you maybe their giant jar of Quality streets will give you the final push.

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