Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Just be quiet quickly, do you hear that? aaaaaaaaaah, yea those are angel voices. Go to Brewers and Union and get this sexy beer in your gullet, seriously, this beer will help you get chicks.


Hey Y'all as you all know this weekend is the Durban leg of the Good Food and wine show, yay! Me and my wingman Daniela have a stall at the show so I expect each and every single one of you in and around the greater Durban area to buy a ticket here and come introduce yourself to me and then buy a big fat pile of glorious macaroons, fudge, nougat and brownies. If you didn't know this was happening, please stop smsing while you drive and pay attention to the bajillions of streetpole ads with Ainsley Harriots mug splashed across them that have been littering the streets of Durban for the last 2 weeks- all the necessary information is there. Besides getting the pleasure to meet yours truly in the flesh, you will also have a chance to see "Famed chefs" , Rachel Allen, Willie Harcourt-Cooze, Reza Mahammad and South Africa’s favourite MasterChef Alvin (he is totally my favorite, I hope he is the winner eventually) -  you will probably only see them from a distance though where as my stall will be more of a one on one thing- that's just how I roll, I like meeting my fans up close :) For all the information you will ever need and more please visit the website here!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I hope you kick this week in the ass!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am big into hats at the moment. I have this weird attraction to people who wear them. They always look so damn cool in a very aloof kind of way. Like they just wrote a super romantic novel and were on their way to deliver it to their publisher kind of vibe. When I was young I had this absolutely smashing hat my granny gave me, it was red with a white lace detail, very much an item old Victoria would chuck on for some kind of royal hoo ha.
Me channeling my Taggie vibe - as I said, a smashing hat! Please enjoy my choice of slippers.

I would put that baby on and immediately be transported to a world where I was someone else and anything was possible. As I grew up I got more and more boring, slowly becoming that chic who wears boyfriend jeans coupled with a white vest and canvas plimsoles, every day - a super vanilla kinda gal. Then I was introduced, by chance, to a gorgeous little felt hat that totally changed my vibe. A few summers ago a gorgeous little brown felt hat was left behind after a shoot and no one came back to claim it. I asked around and It appeard as though the hat belonged to no body and that the hat gods had decided it was my time to be converted. When I wear my felt hat I always feel a little cooler than the normal me and lets be honest, everyone loves an opportunity to feel a little cooler.
 - That fateful summer where the love affair started, it's ok, you can say it- a cooler than cool hat!

Since that fateful summer, I have slowly but surely eased back into a full blown hat affair, just the other day I bought a Gorgeous, deep maroon, wide brimmed felt hat for winter, something I would never usually go for but I only had to put it on once and suddenly I became like a super mysterious version of me, totally digging the mysterious woman vibes for winter! Anyway at the end of the day I guess what I am trying to say Is that people often shy away from wearing hats because, "I really am totally not a hat person at all, they just make me look bloody ridiculous." This is a big load of rubbish. Go out and buy a wonderful hat that makes you feel like a goddess, rockstar, mysterious woman, author, Pirate, whatever, and wear the sh*t out of the thing, that's the trick with rocking a sweet hat, confidence friends because you will only look like a ridiculous buffoon if you let the hat wear you.

Add a beautiful bloom to the band of your favorite hat and transform it into a beautiful summery bonnet
If you have kids, it is your moral obligation to put them in as many hats as possible. The cuteness factor is just too radical for words.

A haphazard arrangement of hats can also make a really beautiful statement in your home.

A perfect example of how a hat can make you look like the frikken coolest of cool human on the planet. EVER.

-For links to all these gorgeous hat pics please visit here


Saturday, July 16, 2011


At this moment in time, I am big into Zig Zag. No, not the surf magazine, looking at pictures of rad waves and all is a bit silly. I virtually live 5 min away from the beach so why would pay to look at pictures when I could just get off my ass and go check out the real thing, as well as some of Durbans finest carving up the ocean in my favorite topless fashion but more on that later. The kind of Zags I am currently obsessing about are the kind you can cover a cushion in, eat off, sleep in (the crazy dreams you would have... could you imagine?) stick all over your entrance hall - although coming home pissed and being confronted with that could be a small issue, wear on a sunny day or if you are a plane Jane, you could just wear a zig zag bangle for a quieter more mysterious zig zag vibe.

Nom nom nom zig zags nom nom via here
 Shame, Durban beach front is so average. Enjoy your Zig Zags jozi gals.
Zig Zag cushions from here
 To chase rabbits through zig zagged dreams jump in here

Make an entrance here

Or you can be boring and just wear a bangle from here 

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I recently took a trip, quite a rad trip actually. My favorite camera and I jumped on a plane and traded the warm sunny skies of Durbs for the dark and stormy ones that Cape Town is currently offering. What was I doing there you ask? Remember last year when I blogged about being hysterically excited for the Russel Wasserfall Food Bloggers Photography course? Yea well due to a whole bunch of events the course never ended up happening. Being a bit of a non quitter, I emailed, called, sms'd, mms'd and bbm'd Russel and his lovely assistant Sarah incessantly until they finally buckled under the pressure and mailed me back with this year's official dates.

The Days that followed were nothing short of awesome. We were three students in total which made for a really intimate and personal experience. Who ever said, "those who can't do, teach," was talking a big load of codswallop because Russel was both an incredible, patient and generous teacher and is currently one of the most respected food snappers in the country. (The man shoots all the food for Woolies and Crush magazine just in case you think i am being a bit dramatic.)
Our days were spent getting to know all those buttons on ever surface of our cameras, great discussions on light and composition were discussed over lunches created for us by the head chef of The Table, Russel's latest culinary adventure. I guess what I am trying to say is that us girls were spoilt absolutely rotten. I returned home on both evenings with my head buzzing and eyes boggling. The guy is literally a photographic magician and I was lucky enough to get in on a little of the magic. Here are my first attempts at professionalism . . .

Friday, July 1, 2011



Happiness is not something you either have or you don't. It is a choice that you make, a lifestyle if you must. Happiness cannot be bought (except maybe in Thailand but that's an entirely different kind of happiness and a whole other kettle of fish), and it cannot be taken away from you, it is a decision that you make when you first open your eyes in the morning and it will determine the outcome of your entire day as well as the people around you.  So, please when you are casually strolling through your Friday in the direction of a fantastic weekend, choose to be happy.*

*If you are one of the grunpy douches that runs past people and don't reply when they give you a cheery hello, please read this post twice, and maybe take notes.


In the Market category for the weekend,you have many options. First up is the I Heart Market. You are going to be completely and utterly I hearted out of your litte vintage socks by the end of the week as the Market folk - myself included - will be setting up shop on the Durban Beach front. We will be selling everything from the greatest and most delicious macaroons in the world, to beautiful clothes to those funny little porcelain dogs so there really will be some thing for everyone. This will probably be the only time this year that you will be happy to sit on the beach in winter and hold your boyfriends keys while he surfs up a storm. And if you do come along, please come visit my little Macaroon store and introduce yourself:)

Next in line is the Litchi Orchard market out in Ballito. This is a stunning place to go grab a scrummy breakfast at their local Cafe- Orchid Cafe- listen to some chilled music being played by a very relaxed man and his guitar and generally chill out.


Scout&Catalogue are the current receivers of most of my attention, they are a brand who are, "heavily influenced by the bohemian beach culture of Mexico. We strive to make pieces that  remind you of afternoons at secret beaches, sun kissed skin, and all day siestas." I don't know about you, but that whole secret beach, all day siesta thing bodes seriously well with me and If I can get my siesta on whilst bundled up in one of these gorge wrap thingies, well then I would be just about as happy as a clam.