Friday, July 22, 2011


I am big into hats at the moment. I have this weird attraction to people who wear them. They always look so damn cool in a very aloof kind of way. Like they just wrote a super romantic novel and were on their way to deliver it to their publisher kind of vibe. When I was young I had this absolutely smashing hat my granny gave me, it was red with a white lace detail, very much an item old Victoria would chuck on for some kind of royal hoo ha.
Me channeling my Taggie vibe - as I said, a smashing hat! Please enjoy my choice of slippers.

I would put that baby on and immediately be transported to a world where I was someone else and anything was possible. As I grew up I got more and more boring, slowly becoming that chic who wears boyfriend jeans coupled with a white vest and canvas plimsoles, every day - a super vanilla kinda gal. Then I was introduced, by chance, to a gorgeous little felt hat that totally changed my vibe. A few summers ago a gorgeous little brown felt hat was left behind after a shoot and no one came back to claim it. I asked around and It appeard as though the hat belonged to no body and that the hat gods had decided it was my time to be converted. When I wear my felt hat I always feel a little cooler than the normal me and lets be honest, everyone loves an opportunity to feel a little cooler.
 - That fateful summer where the love affair started, it's ok, you can say it- a cooler than cool hat!

Since that fateful summer, I have slowly but surely eased back into a full blown hat affair, just the other day I bought a Gorgeous, deep maroon, wide brimmed felt hat for winter, something I would never usually go for but I only had to put it on once and suddenly I became like a super mysterious version of me, totally digging the mysterious woman vibes for winter! Anyway at the end of the day I guess what I am trying to say Is that people often shy away from wearing hats because, "I really am totally not a hat person at all, they just make me look bloody ridiculous." This is a big load of rubbish. Go out and buy a wonderful hat that makes you feel like a goddess, rockstar, mysterious woman, author, Pirate, whatever, and wear the sh*t out of the thing, that's the trick with rocking a sweet hat, confidence friends because you will only look like a ridiculous buffoon if you let the hat wear you.

Add a beautiful bloom to the band of your favorite hat and transform it into a beautiful summery bonnet
If you have kids, it is your moral obligation to put them in as many hats as possible. The cuteness factor is just too radical for words.

A haphazard arrangement of hats can also make a really beautiful statement in your home.

A perfect example of how a hat can make you look like the frikken coolest of cool human on the planet. EVER.

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  1. I love hats too!!
    Not sure if I can pull it off though.

    ♥ love your blog

  2. that whole, "Not sure if I can pull it off," comment is exactly what I was talking about in my post. Just claim it and your hat will look fabulous. I actually wore a hat today and loved every moment:)

  3. Awesome hat post. I love the last one.
    Very refreshing blog :)

  4. thanks Sam, keep on reading and ill try to keep writing fun stuff for you:)