Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey Y'all as you all know this weekend is the Durban leg of the Good Food and wine show, yay! Me and my wingman Daniela have a stall at the show so I expect each and every single one of you in and around the greater Durban area to buy a ticket here and come introduce yourself to me and then buy a big fat pile of glorious macaroons, fudge, nougat and brownies. If you didn't know this was happening, please stop smsing while you drive and pay attention to the bajillions of streetpole ads with Ainsley Harriots mug splashed across them that have been littering the streets of Durban for the last 2 weeks- all the necessary information is there. Besides getting the pleasure to meet yours truly in the flesh, you will also have a chance to see "Famed chefs" , Rachel Allen, Willie Harcourt-Cooze, Reza Mahammad and South Africa’s favourite MasterChef Alvin (he is totally my favorite, I hope he is the winner eventually) -  you will probably only see them from a distance though where as my stall will be more of a one on one thing- that's just how I roll, I like meeting my fans up close :) For all the information you will ever need and more please visit the website here!

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