Saturday, July 16, 2011


At this moment in time, I am big into Zig Zag. No, not the surf magazine, looking at pictures of rad waves and all is a bit silly. I virtually live 5 min away from the beach so why would pay to look at pictures when I could just get off my ass and go check out the real thing, as well as some of Durbans finest carving up the ocean in my favorite topless fashion but more on that later. The kind of Zags I am currently obsessing about are the kind you can cover a cushion in, eat off, sleep in (the crazy dreams you would have... could you imagine?) stick all over your entrance hall - although coming home pissed and being confronted with that could be a small issue, wear on a sunny day or if you are a plane Jane, you could just wear a zig zag bangle for a quieter more mysterious zig zag vibe.

Nom nom nom zig zags nom nom via here
 Shame, Durban beach front is so average. Enjoy your Zig Zags jozi gals.
Zig Zag cushions from here
 To chase rabbits through zig zagged dreams jump in here

Make an entrance here

Or you can be boring and just wear a bangle from here 

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