Monday, September 19, 2011


Last time I was in Cape Town my Step mum brought me a cup of tea in the most beautiful handmade cup. After some light interrogation tactics I found that it was made by Lindsay Scott, a Potter who works out of a quaint studio tucked in amongst a splash of blossoming cherry blossom trees in the heart of the Midlands (how convenient!). I decided that it was only right to dedicate my Friday afternoon to some gem hunting- I was also obsessed with having some of these little cups to myself- so I hit the hills in Search of Lindsay's studio. This is what I discovered. 

The studio is a treasure trove, it has that earthy smell reminiscent of junior school pottery class that made me smile. Each of Lindsay's pieces are completely unique, making it impossibly difficult to choose just one, or two, I tried, and ended up leaving with and entire set! For a map, information and everything else you need to know about Hillfold pottery look here.

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