Monday, September 26, 2011


As you all know from seeing the above poster that has been floating around the inter web, Tuesday nights are officially Ladies night at Czar. Being a lady, this vibe appeals pretty much all the way to me, introduce the half price champers + delicious sushi combo (DurbanCentral's favorite food + beverage combo) and you have a winner. Now I know you are probably thinking jeez Louise, how many ladies nights can a girl fit into her week because, let's be honest, every restaurant and their neighbour is cashing in on the ladies night vibe, and secondly with every ladies night comes a weird bunch of old guys standing just close enough to you at the bar to run their boep on you - sis - and that is not really the vibe that DC subscribes too. So why should you be outrageous and go out on a school night to indulge in this crazy sushi + bubbles combo? Well, it is simple really,  I have organised for Wok, a.k.a Warwick Wright a.k.a topless guy from the zigzag story (see picture below for a refresh) to be your topless waiter for the night. 2 lucky Gals will also receive a R200 sushi voucher as well as a free bottle of bubbles. I bet you that you don't get that kind of service anywhere else in the 031!

So how do you get in on the topless man + sushi + bubbles opportunity of a life time you ask? It is simple really. 
1. In the comment section below you need to write a short poem telling me why it is that you need a topless man serving you sushi and bubbles to improve your week. 
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 *Winners will be announced at 2:30 tomorrow arvo 


  1. Daily I dream of what it would mean...
    To be served by a topless hunk of man, so together, so lean....
    It would make my mundane week shine
    for I would shout out loud he is mine mine mine!
    Albeit only for the night
    but what a serious delight....
    dining on exquisitely fine sushi and bubbly
    I awaken from the dream thinking...GOD it’s good to be me!

    From @Shmmee

  2. "Sexy, Stunning, Sparkling"

    Does a girl need a reason to want to be served
    by a topless surfer a stunning hors d'oevre?
    Sparkling bubbly, smiles all round
    with all these temptations,
    our jaws to the ground.
    Its the perfect way to brighten my week
    I hope that I am the one you seek!!

  3. Every girl needs abit of sexy during the week,
    To make her Durban city life Oh so chic...

    A ladies night will be so fab,
    As a working week can be very drab...

    Bubbles, sushi and some Wok,
    Help us find out if he has a big C...!

    Love Chanel and Nicole x