Sunday, November 6, 2011


                                                                   A Couple of weeks ago this little baby landed in my Inbox! I was super chuffed to have cracked the nod and immediately seized the opportunity to go out and buy myself a beautiful dress. The event was really beautifully put together and no detail was left unattended to. As the event was sponsored by 1st for Women, the organisers did not fail to add as much pink as humanely possible in every nook and cranny of Simon's, so on arrival, guests were met with a Summery explosion of pinks in every hue imaginable, glorious clutches of blooms took residence on every and any flat surface. I immediately grabbed a cocktail and stepped into wonderland to explore. This is what I found.... Dotted around the courtyard were pamper stations to satisfy your every need from a Sally Hansen Nail bar for manicures, Elizabeth Arden for Make up touch ups, Mangwenani spa provided orgasmic foot rubs. Moirs provided a very chic Waiter equipped with a silver tray over flowing with delicious biscuits for us girls to much on in between our grueling pampering sessions! The ladies literally wanted for nothing! Once all the guests had arrived, we were ushered into a banquet hall, draped in flowers and chrystal where a tasty buffet lunch was enjoyed and prizes were won. Once all the girls had had their fair share of civilised behaviour, Lloyd Cwele burst onstage and turned the once ladylike guests into giggling, girating school girls. All in all the event was really fun, it was a great excuse to dust off my hat which I so seldom get the opportunity to wear, to eat as much cake as I wanted because, well, that is what you do at a tea party and to meet a super bunch of independent, successful women.

The goodie bags were completely insane. They weighed a ton and were packed with everything from Toothpaste to Miglio earrings. O magazine sure knows how to spoil a girl!

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