Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Over the past few months us Durbanites have watched in awe as our gobsmackingly beautiful stadium has taken shape. What many people thought would be an eyesore on the horizon has blossomed into the raddest looking stadium in the whole of South Africa (if you think your stadium is better than ours you must be a person who wears crocs). Last 
night I had the wildest Moses Mabida experience ever, I thought I would be prepared for what was waiting for me on the inside, boy was I wrong. The wind was knocked straight out of my lungs when my little two shoes entered those walls. There were soccer obsessed maniacs clutching their vuvuzelas in every direction, we could feel the sound buzzing all over our bodies, it was frikkin amazing. There were 2 very clear camps, you were either yellow or you were green there was no lime coloured people around. I had to make a split second decision and decided to put my yellow voice on coz they had the best name and their hats were cool. We sat behind a gang of hilarious locals who generously adopted us as their honorary whiteys. They taught us how to abuse the sh*t out of the green team in their own language and gave us the secret hand shake when the mud slinging came to a nil nil close- I assume I am now in the inner circle. The best part? our tickets only cost R30 which can barely buy a chappie in this day and age, it was like the same feeling you get when you sneak into the golden circle at a concert but you only pay for crappy standing seats so far away you have to listen to the band on your ipod. 
All in all I had an awesome night, the crowd made for hysterical people watching and the vibe was electric. I cant wait for you stallers to get your act together and get your eyeballs into that stadium, you are going to flip out.

If you are wondering who took these wild piccies, it was world famous extreme sports (that is a direct quote) photographer Kelvin Trautman. (We are mates:) I highly suggest you set a reminder on your Iphone or blackberry or beeper or what ever for 1 weeks time, then go to and have losers about your photo taking skills for the rest of your life.

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