Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bloggers, bubbly and shiny shoes

So The Bird and I have recently moved into a new place - when I say recently I mean we moved in in Feb but because all my stuff is still all over the place, it still looks like we moved in yesterday! 

Last week some of us lucky blogger chicks were invited to have a little look see at the latest and fabbest at Con Amore in La Lucia Mall . I could literally hear the ca- ching ca-ching sound from the moment I walked in. We were greeted by a table packed with absolutely gorgeous little cupcakes, plates of delicious sushi and piles of our Macaroonies were rising up off silver platters looking very snooty indeed.  The lovely Candice gave us a little introduction and sent us off to discover the wonders of their store, clutching glasses of bubbly and slowly watching our bank balances plummet. . .

me: Omg bird, you don't understand,I saw the most beautiful shiny shoes tonight
bird: Why do you need shiny shoes?
me: I'm sorry, I don't understand the question

I loved the fact that the store is packed full of beautiful little details that us girls can use to make our simple first homes look like really glam little gems. Union Jack pillows, definitely on the official birthday list 2011.

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