Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am willing to put it out there that I had the best weekend in the world maybe even in durban, If you can prove otherwise Im willing to agree to disagree but seriously your weekend probably sucked compared to mine. We kicked it off with a chilled drive up to Underberg on friday evening after work and were met by Cath Knox, 3 bottles of red wine and a rediculously delicious meal that both boyfriend and I ate and drank way to much of resulting in early bed with a sore but satisfied tummy.

Saturday morning came in the form of a beautiful day surrounded by mountains, forest smell and the cleanest water your brains can imagine. We grabbed brekkie on our way out the door and hotfooted it straight to Castleburn, rafts strapped to boyfriends hilux to meet the other adventure saturday members. The next 3 hours were filled with loads of wooping, ohhing and aaahing and views you cannot even see in your dreams, loads of smiles and a kiff 3/4 pant tan. We even stopped half way to rescue a mustang slimline that some local lightie left conveniently wrapped around a rock for future use. (If this boat is yours you will now find it resting its broken body on the side of the river next to the rock).  

We finally reached the end of our crocing extravaganza sun kissed (I aquired a beautiful 3/4 pant tan), drenched and itching to do it again. Sunday morning greeted us with an equally if not better day so without wasting any time, boyfriend and I hit the road on our bikes and embarked on a 25km adventure (the first instalment of my cape argus training). Underberg is so so beautiful I really could go on about it for days and days. So often you reach friday exhausted and burned out and 90  percent of people just sit on their asses drinking their weekend away on the couch. Please, I beg you, this friday chuck your man or lady friend in the car with your bikes get your butt upto underberg and go have a look around at what is on your door step. There is so so much to do there from biking to hiking to tasting yum cheeses at the cheesery you will not be disappointed. I am recharged, and completely inspired and ready to take on the world this week:)

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