Sunday, January 31, 2010


Im not one for fast food, In-fact If I were the king of the world, fast food wouldn't exist because why fill your body up with processed food dipped in oil that more often than not has been dropped on the floor or spat on by a disgruntled employee, when you could be eating seared tune baked in a crust of pistachio nuts and lemon zest or a delicious pot of tom yum soup (both dishes that take 20 min to make- the same amount of time it takes to make the mission to acquire a hit of fast food)  

It is only when fast food looks this absolutely amazing that I am willing to bend the rules. Mc Fancy was a concept developed for Fashion weeks around the globe in an attempt to make-over and re-brand the fast food giant with an aesthetic suitable for a 5 star restaurant.  I am absolutely in love with the little Paul Smith sundaes. If Mc Donalds looked this good I would be the star of Super-Size Me.

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