Thursday, January 21, 2010


We have had this discussion countless times, is it 10 seconds, is it 5 seconds if no one sees it while its on the floor do those seconds count, you get the idea.
Each and every person has different criteria for the 10 second rule, I mean 5 second rule I mean.. refer back to the above. Everyone has there funny little hygiene obsessions (not that im judging coz hygiene is a very serious matter). The 10 second rules and regulations, names and variations have sparked many a dirty look, tisk tisk sounds even bar fights, maybe, so here it is, in official chalk board green and white. So next time you drop food and pretend like no one saw you when you picked it up again but someone did and they give you crap about it, print this out and stick it on their forehead. I give you the official government issue 10 second rule rules. Officially.


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