Monday, September 27, 2010


So the engaged one is going to become a housewife on the 12 of Feb 2011- eeek, I'm so excited for the Wedding you would swear It was me walking down the isle (a girl can dream:) As the grand day scuttles foreword I have been thinking about wedding gifts.
I know that people give a registery for a reason but seriously how often do you find something as gorgeous as this in amongst the glass kettles and penguin shaped waffle makers (you laugh I actually bought one of these for a friend once). What are the rules about these things? Once a registery has been stated is that it, are you doomed to gift your sister with a chopping board made of wine barrels?? 
I have decided to throw caution to the wind and over step the mark here. I am going to gift outside of the lines. Don't you think these cut outs by Sarah and Bendrix would make such a beautiful gift. There are so many weddings in a year and I so often hear mates bleating about being broke from wedding season. Have a close look at these little gems because with a little imagination, cardboard and a blade you can make something really awesome and because it is hand made it will feel like a very special gift.
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