Monday, September 27, 2010


Being a blogger without a camera is a little like being alone in the middle of the Arizona dessert with no water and a thorn in your foot. It sucks. Im not sure if you remember but a while ago I murdered my camera:( I sent it to the camera clinic where all kinds of promises were made and then taken back which left me sad/heartbroken/ fuming, you choose. Either way I have felt like a lost person stumbling through the dessert lately. Not a good way to feel, but thanks to the engaged one who is out frolicking around New York (can you not just sob with jealousy) I will have a beautiful Canon in my paws by the time the month rolls over. I am so excited it is ridiculous I also have absolutely no idea about anything SLR related to we are going to learn together. So get your photography pants ironed kids we are going on an adventure- soon. I have also been very very slack on the blogging side of things but today chickie boo's this will all change.

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