Thursday, March 18, 2010


I certainly do not claim to be the guru of organisation. This is infact the source of much frustration to boyfriend as he has a living space neater and more organised than most navy seals. The man practically folds his t-shirts with a ruler. Me, not so much.

If you had to come and visit me, you would clearly be able to see who lives on which side of the bedroom, Boyfriends side looks like it was personally put together by Martha Stewart herself whilst mine resembles more of a 3D Jackson Pollock. You would think that living with the man would have influenced me somewhat in the organisation department but alas it has not. Instead I find myself panicking and putting things away anywhere and everywhere in the fear that he might find something that is not in its place and give me the eyes. I will very sheepishly admit that I have even found socks stashed in my desk drawer (yes, this is true). 

I have decided that since I am spending all this time and effort in sexying up our little love nest I might as well make a concerted effort to start cleaning up my act. The latest issue of Lonny  magazine just came out and the entire issue is conveniently inspired by storage, I figured it cant be so hard. Below I have made a compilation of pretty smart Storage solutions that I intend applying to the flat.

First up is this gorgeous jewelry armoire . I have had countless fights with my fiddly little jewelry box trying to stuff and tuck and compartmentalise all my sparkles so that the damn thing would close. I love the idea of a mini jewelry closet where I can keep all my treasures safe and sound. If anyone knows where I can get one locally I will be eternally grateful. I searched Gumtree and Ebay and I found the most beautiful one on Ebay and got completely over excited but then my bubble was popped when I realised that it is in America so that leaves me armoire-less- sob. I am going to have to befriend a carpenter if I am to realise my armoire dreams.

In the event that I am not visited by the armoire fairies I am going to have to make my own DIY plan. This pic above illustrates the result I want but I am going to have to come up with a cunning plan in order to get there. I intend on combining a wooden box, 3 cutlery holders covered in felt, a slick of paint and a lot of hope that it turns out well. When I get my act together I will take some piccies and let you lot in on the DIY action. 

Storing bed linen, duvet inners, quilts etc is such a pain in the a** . They take up so much space. Mine is currently nesting in our top cupboard where I cannot reach very easily so every time I have to take it out I have to climb on a chair and wrestle a sheet, pillow case, duvet cover from the clutches of the huge bedding monster and then quickly slam the cupboard door shut before it pounces down on me. With the addition of a wooden drawer on wheels you can transform the dormant space sleeping under your bed into a useful storage space.

The Clear Box Company has revolutionised my closet. I open my cupboard I browse my sexy shoe library, I slide on a pair that is speaking my language and then I dress from the shoes up. These clever little boxes are available in packs of 3 from Macro .

I love these wicker boxes from Weylandts They are perfect for storing things like handbags and belts and other accessories. The best part is that they have good ventilation so when it is revoltingly hot in the first few months of the year, your goodies wont get all moldy and gross.

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