Friday, March 5, 2010


This weekend is going to be a complete and utter girl extravaganza! Activities include movies like the notebook and crafty things like markets, falaffel wraps and a highly anticipated I Heart Durban party! What has prompted this festival of extravagance you might ask? Boyfriend is away- working very hard so he can raise funds to buy me my dream kitchen (you would have seen it in the movie"its complicated")- and it is the first Saturday of the month! If, like me and you are plugged into the very pulse of Durban, you will know that it is time to plait your hair, dig out your strappy leather sandals include some kind of floral that was your mothers and is now your fav vintage it piece, because there is some serious craft marketing to be done. hooray.

The first of the awesomeness is happening at the `I Heart Market.' This is going to be a special one as they are celebrating their house warming! YAY! The Market has
moved out of the St Mary's hall and into the DLI Hall. You know that old colonial building slap bang in the middle of the Greyville Racecourse? That's the one!

The second bit of awesomeness is happening at The Litchi Orchard Market, you know that one I blogged about a while ago? Well Jem has put in a lot of hard work and in growing it into a great day out. This little market is soooooooo lovely and comes highly recommended by Durbs Central.


After what seems like an eternity the I Heart crew have gotten their sh*t together and organised another event for your and your glittery party shoes (It is almost like Christian himself knew this party was coming) to attend. I am willing to put my derriere on the line here and say that if you go to this party you will have the best night of your life, you will be like the dancing queen from Abba except you have to be 18 to go, not 17 like in the song.  The I Heart Durban Party is happening at The Origin, doors open at around 8:30 and entrance will cost you R40. The sterling line up includes the likes of The frock rockers, the legendary rift DJ Kevin L, Mr Doolittle (Do you think he will bring a lama with 2 heads?), Toine, Jelly and the regular I heart Dj'ers. So now you have all the information you need to have the best weekend ever. I have given you the tools my lovelies, now go make yourself a rad bananas experience. See you Monday x


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