Tuesday, March 2, 2010


As an ex Capetonian I often find myself fighting off stupid people's judgments about my mightier than thou attitude that, quote, "all Capetonians have." People always talk about how clicky they are and how you can only talk to a Capetonian if you send them a conversation via blackberry chat. I am the first to jump up and tell these stupid uncultureds to relax and actually visit the most heaven of towns first before you recycle a second hand chirp you heard from someone smarter than you. By now you can probably establish that I am a fiercely proud Capetonian and  won't take silly people bashing my roots. This weekend I found myself thanking god that I had the half Durbanite veil to hide under amidst all the Martha hate that was going on.

It confuses me that people are all angry with her for talking about herself. If I am not mistaken, Martha Stewart is a brand worth more than Julias Malema. It is centered around herself-what did you think she was going to talk about?  I found her talk to be completely inspiring. She has got incredible business savvy and is more than happy too share it with any body that has ears. Lots of people were pissed off because she went on about glitter and showed a video about a glittery ham but do you know how much she makes off glitter a year? I bet its more than you make a century. The point of the glitter talk was not to let you know just how much she loves the shiny stuff but rather that if you are smart enough to identify a small somewhat unimportant object, such as glitter, and you put as much energy into it as you do tweeting you can expand it over an astonishing number of platforms and essentially make a lot of money.

Maybe I am the only person in the crowd that found her to be an inspiration. She was engaging and interesting and made me feel utterly empowered. She even gave me a hug when i got her signature:) 

One of the things I took away from the talk was to learn to draw inspiration from the natural things around me. Martha Based her first paint range on the colour ways of these gorgeous Araucana eggs. Below are some of her room treatments in these colours.

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