Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I went to go chat with Martha At design Indaba, She told me how important it was to embrace new technologies and social platforms and try to incorporate them into your business as they open you up to all kinds of possibilities and gives you or your brand an opportunity to talk straight to your consumer. 

Most old school type establishments seem to view Facebook and twitter as a silly waste of time reserved for airheads and socialites alike. They fail to notice this unique channel that is literally at their fingertips and 9 times out of 10 they arrange for these channels to be banned to all employees. BAD MOVE.  If used in the right way, Facebook and twitter can revolutionise your business and radically increase your client base. Take for example the exercise that Steenberg Wine Estate is running. It is so bloody clever I wish i had though of the idea myself. 

How frikkin awesome? I have already mailed them and asked if they can post me a Tasting pack so I can host my own wine tasting here in durbs. Ill keep you posted

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