Saturday, March 27, 2010


Hooray! I am going on holiday. Are you going to miss me? I hope so. I am off to Thailand to try and fix the horrific shorts tan that has taken over my thighs, and also to spend some much needed time with my mum and sisters. I am so so excited, My big sister just got engaged so this is our final swan song as young, unmarried, twenty somethings. Then big sister is getting married and I'm turning 25 (which my little sister informs me in already a quarter of the way through my life-but this is only if I am lucky to live to a hundred which in all honesty is very improbable) So I might as well write off my life after my birthday and just learn to needle point start getting used to pro-nutro. So I bid you farewell, don't panic I will be back in 2 weeks so please God don't go adopting another blogger to keep you entertained. Bye

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