Tuesday, March 9, 2010


oh my lord some re-tard crashed into me last night and savaged my, as yet unscathed,
El Diabolo. The best part was when we both got out of our cars and he started sobbing uncontrollably.  Now in most situations where serious confrontation is about to erupt, the girl starts sobbing gives the puppy eyes, the guy then apologises for wishing crabs/ life long single-dome with cats and obesity upon said girl for her horrible driving and then everybody calms down. Not this time.This guy totally blue screened me. What do you do when you are faced with a 50 something man sobbing all up in your face. I was about to offer to get him some sweet tea while we sorted out the matter of him buying me a new drivers door, front bumper and spinal cord but then he started telling me that he does not have any kind of insurance (how silly of me to assume). Then the sobs elevated into messy snotty blubbing (its a siff word but totally sounds like what was coming out of his face) because he drives the equivalent of a baking tin and I drive a golf 5 and his car is much more susceptible to just smashing on impact and its not really fair because his car is more damaged than my car. Then he offloaded his little pearl of wisdom about the fact that neither of us were drunk so maybe we should just let it go and be off to follow our separate destiny's. Oh and I should also see if my insurance would pay for his car too because of his current insurance problem. Now I know that many women are running around with flaming bra's clutched in their hands, I am all for equality and role swapping and stay at home dads and all that crap but I am not at all interested in you crashing into me and then me offering to fix your car because you got the tears in the door first. What a dork.

Anyway the good news is that I went down to the berea police dept today to get a case number for mr insurance man and it was the easiest most pain free experience. I know its cynical but in my world the words police department and easy pleasant experience do not feature in the same chapter. Mrs police-lady was super efficient, helpful and very friendly. There were no lines and scary rooms just friendly service. Thanks Berea Police dept for hooking me up.

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