Friday, March 26, 2010


If you do one thing today go over to Joanne Goddard's blog and enter this competition. Rifle papers (the company behind these delightful characters are giving away a set  of 50 personalized illustrated notes and calling cards. Get this they will paint 1-2 whimsical portraits (in your likeness, and you can also add your fiance or puppy or whomever, if you'd like) and use hand-drawn lettering. You will be a rock-star in your town if you walk around handing these puppies outI might go so far as to say that people will personally track down your services just to get their hands on one of your calling cards they might even frame it and put it up in their house and make it an heirloom and you will forever be immortalised.  If I win I am going to keep them all to my self I couldn't bring myself to give them away to strangers!

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