Saturday, March 6, 2010


The biggest bitch about moving to a new town is having to go through the arduous task of finding new people. Now when it comes to people like GP's and Dentists you can rarely go wrong because these people have had to spend all their wonder years shacked up with a textbook and a plastic organ taking notes and writing encyclopedias while all of us were our at caprice sewing our wild oats. You need some serious certification to get into those fields and open a practice so generally speaking, to find a new doctor/ dentist person is not too much of a mission. 

When it comes to other people like a beautician things can become a little harder because well people don't have to get a phd from brazil in order to buy a pot of wax and a neon sign. My first experience was at a chop shop Salon in Musgrave Centre, lets call it The Perfect 9. I naively thought I was safe because it is a well known franchise with loads of branches in and around Durban. The lady at the front desk seemed very sweet when I enquired about a treatment. She put down her sandwich and happily guided me to her lair back room where the the sequel to the saw trilogy beautifying was to take place. The details that follow are pretty blurry now as my brain blocked out my memory to protect me from the horror that followed. Flashbacks include a dirty little room with gross crumpled tissues stashed here and there and a dirty towel crumpled on the floor. The arm falling off the reclining chair and the therapist mumbling about finding time to get it fixed and then there was the one where the chick came at me with un-washed, un-gloved hands. GROSS. After this I vowed never to cheat on my Cape Town person ever again. 

I have now been in durban for 2 years and have decided its time to cut the apron strings and grow the hell up so I called my person and asked her to put me in touch with her person. I was pointed in the direction of The Durban Cosmetic Laser clinic . I had a very professional, stress free experience. The rooms were super pretty and clean and the therapist was nothing short of professional. When It came to paying I was surprised to find that it cost me R40  less than the perfect 9 (who don't even have laser-beams). 

The Durban Cosmetic Laser clinic is a few meters down from Vida on Innes Road. Click here for their contact details 

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